Determining Whether to Settle a Florida Nursing Home Abuse Claim

When filing a claim for a nursing home abuse, you must also keep in mind potential settlement offers. Choosing to accept a settlement would make it impossible to undergo a trial, making this decision all the more important. When determining whether to settle a Florida nursing home abuse claim it is important to consult with an experienced attorney first. A lawyer can help you calculate damages owed to you and compare it to current settlement offers.

Indicators a Person can Benefit Taking a Settlement Offer

Nursing homes often try to offer an amount of money that does not cover the medical expenses or the attorney’s fees. It is also a tactic to scare people into taking a lower amount if they do not believe the person is serious about going to trial. That is why it is important to find an attorney who has a record of taking cases to trial and is willing to do so. Otherwise, a nursing home might make a low offer or no offer. When a nursing home does not offer the person any amount of money, they have no choice but to go to trial.

How to Determine a Settlement Value in Florida

There is no set way to determine the value of a case. A person could determine the amount of their medical bills and what the future expenses might be. There is no agreed-upon to put a value on one’s life or their injury and suffering. An attorney may look at past settlements and past jury verdicts, but those do not always indicate what a jury might do in their case. A jury may or may not think $5,000,000 is a lot of money. However, it is hard to determine what a jury thinks a case is worth at trial.

A lawyer can give the client advice based on their experience with similar cases and what those cases settled for. They can research what other juries around the state or across the country awarded to people with similar cases. The lawyer’s primary roles are to figure out what the case is worth and advise the client.

What Should You Consider When Accepting a Settlement Offer?

Every case has weaknesses, there is no such thing as a perfect case. One of the main things to consider when determining whether to settle a Florida nursing home abuse claim is the weakness of the individual’s case. Their lawyer should tell them the reasons why they might lose their case. The plaintiff should be fully aware of the risks when they decide whether or not to take the case to trial.

Victims should understand the evidence a jury might hear about the case, whether it is good or bad. The other things to take into consideration are the current costs and the costs after trial which are usually significantly greater. Past medical bills and liens and the future care expenses of the injured person should also be taken into account.

Contact a Florida Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Today

One of the primary roles of a lawyer when determining whether to settle a Florida nursing home abuse claim is to give you advice, identify your options, and evaluate the consequences of each decision. A lawyer can tell you the amount of money you may receive if you take a specific settlement. They could identify and explain the risks and potential benefits as well as the weaknesses and strengths of the case if you wish to go to trial. Schedule a consultation today to get started on assessing your case.