Florida Truck Accidents Involving Bad Weather Lawyer

Weather and road conditions are factors all drivers should pay attention to. Elements that could impact how vehicles perform and how drivers maneuver and might react may include rain, sleet, snow, fog, strong crosswinds, blowing snow or debris, and slick pavement due to ice, snow, or slush.

According to the United States Department of Transportation’s Road Weather Management Program, there are about 5,748,000 vehicle accidents annually, approximately 22 percent of which—almost 1,259,000 in total—are related to weather. An estimated 445,000 people suffer injuries in these types of crashes and approximately 6,000 people are killed.

If you suffered financial loss or physical injury due to a bad weather accident, a West Palm Beach truck accidents involving bad weather lawyer may be able to assist you. If retained, a well-practiced truck accident attorney could help you catalog the damages you suffered and determine which ones of them you may be eligible to seek compensation for.

Bad Weather Liability

While many people may believe that no one is truly to blame when an accident occurs during bad weather or poor road conditions, this is not true in the eyes of Florida civil law. Federal regulations mandate that truck drivers use sound judgment when faced with dangerous driving conditions.

All drivers have a duty to drive with extreme caution when adverse conditions are present. Commercial truck drivers may not usually have the option to postpone their trip or use a detour when bad road conditions are present. When a truck driver does not adjust their driving according to what road and weather conditions warrant, they may be held liable for an accident. A West Palm Beach truck accidents involving bad weather lawyer could help a plaintiff understand how liability may play into their claim.

Dangerous Conditions

When the following conditions are present or expected to be present, truck drivers and those they share the road with may need to be vigilant and cautious in order to decrease the chances of an accident:

  • Windstorms
  • Heavy rain or snow
  • Fog
  • Lightening storms or thunderstorms

Filing Deadlines

Florida laws limit the amount of time a potential plaintiff may have to file their civil lawsuit. These laws serve the purpose of ensuring people do not have to live in fear of lawsuits being filed for something that occurred many years ago and to make sure evidence used in the lawsuit is fresh.

The deadline to file a civil lawsuit is known as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for a truck injury is four years from the date of the accident, according to Florida Statute § 95.11(3)(a). Hiring an experienced attorney who has handled these types of cases as soon as possible could potentially increase a plaintiff’s chance of recovering damages.

Work with a West Palm Beach Truck Accident Involving Bad Weather Attorney

Dealing with claims adjusters, insurance companies, and police reports could all add to stress after a serious accident. When you hire an experienced attorney, you can have a dedicated ally on your side to help with all of these details as you recover both mentally and physically from your injuries.

If you are injured by an accident caused by a truck driver not responding to weather conditions appropriately, a West Palm Beach truck accidents involving bad weather lawyer can help. Call today to learn more about the representation a knowledgeable attorney could provide truck accident plaintiffs.