Florida Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

While safety innovations have made trucks and other vehicles on the road less dangerous than they once were, rollover accidents remain a possibility. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are more than 1,300 tanker rollover accidents and 500 large truck rollover accidents annually in the United States, more than 60 percent of which involve fatalities. While the risk of death is often increased, severe and potentially debilitating injuries may also occur. Someone who has experienced such injuries may strongly benefit from a West Palm Beach rollover truck accident lawyer.

It may come as a surprise, but most of these accidents happen on dry straight roads, not on ramps, turns, or in bad weather conditions causing snow and ice on the roads. Furthermore, more than 60 percent of tanker rollover accidents happen when they are only partially loaded, and more than two-thirds are caused by veteran drivers who have more than a decade of experience. Regardless of its cause, a truck accident involving a rollover can be incredibly dangerous to everyone on the road. Contact a qualified truck accident attorney to investigate potential legal options which may be effective for your case.

Physics Behind Rollover Accidents

In many scenarios, large trucks are at a greater risk for rollover accidents for various reasons. These often include aspects of their construction, their relative speed, and their inability to react to hazards quickly.

High Center of Gravity

Due to their higher center of gravity, big trucks and tankers are more susceptible to being involved in rollover accidents compared to commuter cars. Trucks carrying large loads of liquid or other materials that may shift during transport can cause additional forces to act on the stability of the truck and its center of gravity.

Speed and Quick Stops

Most posted speed limits are geared towards normal-sized passenger vehicles, not large trucks. They are also based on ideal road and weather conditions. Higher speeds can make large trucks more likely to be involved in accidents and cause accidents to be more serious.

Furthermore, sudden stops, starts, and turns can cause loads to shift and impact the stability and center of gravity of a commercial truck. By slowing down and taking these actions carefully, truck drivers can help minimize the risk of an accident.

Partial Loads

More shifting could occur when a truck is only partially full of liquids or other goods. This means that partially-loaded trucks could actually be more susceptible to rollovers and therefore more dangerous than those that carry full loads.

Deadline for Filing in West Palm Beach

Potential plaintiffs who want to file a civil claim in relation to a rollover truck accident should generally be aware of the time limits that Florida has in place on civil injury cases. According to Florida Statute § 95.11(3)(a), vehicle accident lawsuits typically must be filed within four years from the date of the accident.

A person who suffers an accident may want to contact a qualified West Palm Beach rollover truck accident lawyer before this deadline expires. This should greatly increase their chances of being able to recover compensation for their damages.

Call a West Palm Beach Rollover Truck Accident Attorney

After a rollover truck accident, you may be in shock and unaware of the legal options that may apply to your case. Before agreeing to a settlement or a conversation with another party involved in the accident, schedule a legal consultation with a reliable truck accident attorney.

A West Palm Beach rollover truck accident lawyer could help you pursue a fair settlement or compensation after such an accident. Receiving such an award could help pay for your medical bills and other important expenses. Call today to learn more.