Florida Impaired Driving Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck crashes can have devastating consequences. They often result in catastrophic injuries and can sometimes even result in the loss of life. The likelihood of getting into a truck accident becomes even higher if the truck driver is intoxicated and often the injuries are worse as well. If you want to know more about West Palm Beach impaired driving truck accidents or you want to file a claim, contact an experienced big rig accident lawyer that could help.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Trucking accidents typically involve catastrophic personal injuries because of the weight of these vehicles which is 10,000 pounds or more. There is always a large disparity between a tractor-trailer and a motor vehicle, motorcycle, or pedestrian. The truck usually wins the battle of the collision and as a result, people are left with catastrophic injuries which could include traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, loss of limbs, and multiple, severe fractures. The injuries are catastrophic in nature and are sometimes fatal. A person who survives a collision with a tractor-trailer is left with lifelong injuries which they suffer from each and every minute of each and every day for the rest of their lives.

Prevalence of Truck Accidents Caused By Intoxicated Drivers

Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is always a factor to be considered. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires a mandatory drug test when there is an accident. Unfortunately, driving under the influence occurs even in the commercial motor vehicle setting. Truck drivers are required under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to undergo post-accident drug testing as a result of an accident. As in the general population, this is something that always should be considered and investigated.

People driving trucks use opiates just like the rest of the population does. It is not just alcohol. It could be opiates, a controlled substance, prescription drugs, or marijuana. Use of a substance that causes intoxication runs the gamut. The common trend is that testing reveals opiate and prescription drug use that puts drivers under the influence and makes them a menace to the public.

Impact of a DUI on a Truck Driver’s Standard License

A driver’s license is like any license when a DUI is proven guilty, it means the person was driving under the influence of alcohol. When a person is found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, their ability to have a driver’s license is in jeopardy. A conviction for a DUI affects the individual’s ability to maintain their driver’s license whether it is a commercial driver’s license or a regular driver’s license. One situation in which a truck driver might be absolved of responsibility for an accident is when it cannot be proved that the driver was over the hours of service. Another circumstance is when it cannot prove that the violation of hours of service was causally related to the accident.

How a DUI Affects a Truck Driver’s CDL and Employment Opportunities

A commercial driver’s license or CDL, allows a driver to operate a commercial motor vehicle. It is not state specific. When someone gets a DUI, the location does not matter; the only thing that matters is that they have been charged with driving under the influence. West Palm Beach impaired driving truck accidents affect a person’s driver’s license, not where they drive. A DUI affects a person’s ability to get a license and maintain a license. It does not matter whether a DUI is given in Florida or another state. The impact to the commercial motor vehicle driver is when they get a DUI that affects their ability to maintain their CDL license and could affect their employability.

Value of a West Palm Beach Truck Accident Lawyer

West Palm Beach impaired driving truck accidents can be scary, and result in catastrophic injuries. If you have been injured in an intoxicated driving truck crash, consult a knowledgeable tractor-trailer accident attorney that could help. A skilled lawyer could examine the facts of the case and collect the necessary evidence to begin building a claim. Speak with an attorney today and know that you are in capable hands.