Notable Cases

Sample Verdicts & Settlements of our Law Firm

Over the years, we have formulated specific strategies designed to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. Due to our consistent success at providing responsible advocacy, Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa is a trusted name when it comes to righting wrongs.

We offer for your review the following listings of verdicts and recoveries for just a few of our clients. We present this information solely to illustrate the diversity of cases that we undertake. Please be mindful that every case is unique – results from one case do not necessarily indicate the quality or value of any other case.

Catastrophic Injury / Wrongful Death Recoveries


Catastrophic Injury

Ft. Lauderdale


Catastrophic Injury

Ft. Lauderdale


DUI / Auto Accident

Lake Park


Auto Accident

Palm Beach Gardens


Personal Injury



Catastrophic Injury

West Palm Beach


Catastrophic Injury

West Palm Beach


Catastrophic Injury



Helicopter Crash

West Palm Beach


Motorcyle Accident