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Insurance/Bad Faith Overview

Nursing Home Abuse Overview

Personal Injury Overview

Firm Overview

Sean Domnick | Shareholder

Fred Cunningham | Shareholder

Greg Yaffa | Shareholder

Nicole Kruegel | Partner

Medical Malpractice Overview

Birth Injury Overview

Stroke Misdiagnosis Overview

Greg Yaffa | Podcast | Legally Exhausted EP 37

Fred Cunningham | Podcast | Legally Exhausted EP 42


Adam Werner | Co-Counsel Testimonial

Andrew Bederman | Co-Counsel Testimonial

Ted Forman | Co-Counsel Testimonial

Lawyer Referrals

Troy Rafferty | Co-Counsel Testimonial

Adriana Gonzalez | Co-Counsel Testimonial

Edward Zebersky | Co-Counsel Testimonial

Mark Kitrick | Co-Counsel Testimonial

Client Testimonial

Hear Brooklyn’s Story

Shunika | Client Testimonial

Kim | Client Testimonial

Ashley | Client Testimonial

Awards/Attorney Recognition

Sean Domnick | FJA’s B.J. and Tom Masterson Award for Professionalism

Fred Cunningham | FJA’s Perry Nichols Award

Fred Cunningham and Greg Yaffa | FJA’s Jon E. Krupnick Award for Perseverance and Fortitude

Fighting Spirit of Philadelphia | AAJ

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