Florida Truck Driver Intoxication Accident Lawyer

All drivers on Florida roads have a legal obligation and responsibility to drive with care and obey the local laws. Yet not all drivers abide by this duty, and getting into an accident caused by an intoxicated truck driver may cause extreme injuries and even death. The accident may be even more devastating if the driver made a decision to drive while they were under the influence. Such an accident could have been avoided in many cases if the truck driver was sober.

You may be left to pick up the pieces of your life after such a serious accident unless you retain a West Palm Beach truck driver intoxication accident lawyer can help pick you the pieces of your life after such a serious accident. A seasoned truck wreck attorney could assist you with taking stock of your damages and filing suit for appropriate compensation.

Federal Regulations for Truck Drivers

All drivers are beholden to Florida drunk driving laws and large truck drivers are subject to strict adherence to government regulations surrounding drinking and driving.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates regular but random drug and alcohol testing of truck drivers as a part of its safety program. Approximately one percent of these tests come back positive.

Truck drivers who are drinking may go to great efforts to avoid being subjected to the tests. Trucking companies might even help their drivers avoid taking the test or hide the results. Anyone who suspects this occurred in relation to their accident can have a West Palm Beach truck driver intoxication accident attorney help them prove so in civil court.

Truck Driver Negligence

If a truck driver is intoxicated and causes a crash, they may face not only criminal charges for driving under the influence of alcohol but also civil charges for negligence. According to Florida Statutes Chapter 768, the following factors must exist and be proven by the plaintiff for a truck driver to be found negligent:

  • Duty of care – the truck driver owed a duty of care to the plaintiff to drive safely and not be intoxicated behind the wheel
  • Breach of duty – the truck driver did not uphold their duty to protect others
  • Proximate cause – the truck driver’s intoxication and bad driving are directly linked to the injuries that the plaintiff suffered
  • Damages – the actions of the truck driver caused compensable physical suffering for the plaintiff

A truck driver intoxication accident lawyer in West Palm Beach can help potential plaintiffs build a strong case for negligence against intoxicated truck drivers who cause accidents. Injured individuals should reach out to a dedicated attorney immediately.

Let a West Palm Beach Truck Driver Intoxication Accident Attorney Help

After a truck accident caused by a driver who was under the influence, you may feel helpless and overwhelmed, in no small part due to never-ending medical bills and appointments. You may also be worried about your lost wages and how you will pay for your living expenses.

A West Palm Beach truck driver intoxication accident lawyer can help you seek justice in the civil legal system. Get in touch today with an accomplished attorney who is experienced in accident law to start exploring your options after an accident caused by a drunk truck driver.