Florida Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer

If you are like most people, when you think of a garbage truck you think of having your trash removed from your curb every week. However, if you were in an accident involving a garbage truck, you may think of a lot more. You may think of the irresponsible driver, their employer, or may even be triggered by memories of your accident and injuries. You may have feelings of anger, anxiety, or depression.

Being in an automobile crash can change nearly every aspect of your life. Such an experience can cause serious physical and mental injuries. A West Palm Beach garbage truck accident lawyer can help you recover from your accident. A skilled truck accident lawyer can work with you to seek justice and recover the financial compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

Garbage Truck Accidents

Accidents involving trucks can cause severe damage and bodily injury. In some cases, they can even be fatal. Accidents that involve garbage trucks can be even more severe. Although garbage trucks notoriously drive at slower speed, their mass can cause a large amount of force when a collision occurs.

Garbage trucks not only pose a threat due to their size but also because items can fall off or out of the truck. While not as common, these accidents often cause other drivers to swerve in order to avoid falling debris. This swerving can lead to collisions with parked cars, moving cars, or stationary objects like street signs and light posts. If hit by debris, vehicle damage and injuries can occur. A garbage truck accident attorney in West Palm Beach may be able to obtain a fair compensation for a victim’s damages to help them move on with their life.

Time Limits for Filing a Lawsuit in West Palm Beach

Most states have a statute of limitations, or a deadline to file a lawsuit involving motor vehicle accidents. In Florida, this time limit is four years from the date of the accident, as per Florida Statute § 95.11(3)(a). The lawsuit does not have to conclude in this time frame but simply be filed with the courts.

Although the state allows a four-year period, the sooner a victim can speak with an experienced West Palm Beach garbage truck accident lawyer, the better. As time goes by, valuable evidence can be lost or forgotten which can weaken a lawsuit.

Working with a West Palm Beach Garbage Truck Accident Attorney

Life after an accident with a garbage truck can be quite stressful and overwhelming. It may revolve around medical appointments, missed time at work, and an ever-growing pile of medical bills. The thought of dealing with complex laws and negotiations can be too much to bear.

However, when you take action by calling a seasoned West Palm Beach garbage truck accident lawyer, they can take on these burdens for you. A lawyer’s goal is to not only obtain compensation for your damages on your behalf but to also make your life less stressful during this difficult time. Contact a compassionate lawyer today to learn more about how they can help.