Florida Plane Accident Lawyer

Aviation accidents are unpredicted, unfortunate, and often tragic. There were 1,631 general aviation accidents and 491 fatalities during 2007 reported by the National Safety Transportation board. This includes both personal aircraft and commercial airlines. If you or a loved one has been injured in an aviation accident or you have lost a family member, our West Palm Beach plane accident attorneys understand the difficulties you are going through. At times, causes of the incident are not immediately apparent or known which makes it important to consult with an experienced injury lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens as soon as possible.

How An Aviation Injury Lawyer Can Help

At Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa, our Palm Beach Gardens plan accident attorneys represent people who have suffered serious and catastrophic injuries in general aviation and commercial airplane accidents, as well as people who have lost family members in fatal crashes.

Our personal injury and accident attorneys are familiar with the rules that apply to general and commercial aviation, and this aids us in determining who is responsible. Aviation cases are likely to be very complex and can have more than one liable party. Aviation accidents can often include international laws, federal statutes and regulations, and state and federal tort laws.

Potential Causes of Plan Accidents

Our West Palm Beach plane crash lawyers work with specialized experts in the aviation industry, who will look for information to provide us with the cause(s) of the crash—whether it was a mechanical problem (which can mean a products liability claim against the manufacturer), or pilot error (which can mean negligence).

If you have a case, we will represent you to the utmost of our ability and commit ourselves to the effort of achieving a successful resolution. We do not charge you any fees until and unless there is compensation via a settlement or verdict on your case, and we advance all costs and expenses. Our experienced West Palm Beach plane crash attorneys have a history of helping achieve exceptional results.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an aviation accident, please contact us. If you were a victim of wrongdoing or negligence that contributed to the injury, we will defend your rights and stand up to the responsible party on your behalf.