Florida Paralysis Injury Lawyer

If you have been paralyzed because of someone else’s actions, consider hiring a dedicated legal team to put your life back on track. For most people, health care professionals, family, and friends comprise that team, but adding a trusted Indiantown paralysis injury lawyer to the mix could help to secure your financial future. Let the knowledgeable attorneys at Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa help you after your significant injury.

Indiantown Paralysis Injuries Can Be Devastating

While chronic conditions, unexpected medical episodes, or genetic defects can lead to paralysis, some of the most common causes are impacts to the head, neck, and brain. Such injuries may arise out of vehicular accidentssurgical mistakesfalls, or exposure to malfunctioning products. These accidents can occur without warning yet will most likely change people’s lives forever.

Physical Changes Caused by Inhibited Motor Function

Paralysis can be complete and lead to an inability to move the muscles at all. It could also be partial and retain some muscle control, localized and affect only an isolated part of the body, or generalized and impact a more extensive section of the body. If the paralysis is permanent, meaning that the regaining of muscle control is not possible, the new physical limitations and chronic health problems facing the injured may be a heartbreaking reality.

Coping with these new circumstances will be taxing as the patient heals and attends physical and occupational therapy to acquire new skills and relearn old ones. Their struggles, moreover, may not be limited to physical challenges. Those in Indiantown with paralysis injuries may also face emotional and financial difficulties as well.

Paralysis Injuries May Cause Financial Strain

When a motor function injury takes away a person’s ability to perform routine activities such as general hygiene, preparing meals, and going to work, that person will need daily care to be able to live a meaningful life. An agency may provide caregivers or a family member who gives up their job may want to fill that role. Either way, this could require funds to properly care for the injured person.

Catastrophic injury patients may need therapy, medical devices, and technology to improve their quality of life, and they often have ongoing health problems that add to the bills from treating the initial injury. Unfortunately, those with a paralysis injury may not have sufficient medical insurance to cover these costs because of their limited ability or inability to work.

Meeting daily living expenses may be a concern if their condition prevents the victim or their family members from being gainfully employed. Indiantown paralysis injury legal professionals are keenly aware of the need to address these struggles and are prepared to fight aggressively for the best possible settlement or lawsuit award.

Addressing the Financial Impacts of Catastrophic Injuries

Florida law could help ease the financial burden of paralysis injury victims. The negligent, reckless, or intentional behavior of someone else could be the basis for a lawsuit and monetary recovery.

How a case will be structured differs depending on the source of the injury – motor vehicle accidentsmedical malpractice, use of a defective product, or other negligent actions. In Florida, there is no cap to compensatory damages. Although, if punitive damages are appropriate because the responsible party’s behavior was particularly egregious, that award will be subject to certain limitations.

It is important not to delay in finding an Indiantown legal representative after the injury occurs to help a plaintiff file a lawsuit. Victims who wait too long may be barred from bringing a claim for damages.

An Indiantown Paralysis Injury Attorney Could Look Out for Your Best Interests

The attorneys at Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa understand that after experiencing a severe motor function injury, regaining your quality of life is your primary goal. Indiantown paralysis injury lawyers have the experience necessary and could work tirelessly to achieve a positive result for each client. Start the claims process today by calling to schedule a consultation.