Role of an Attorney in a Florida Premises Liability Case

After being injured on another’s property, there are a few reasons why hiring a premises liability lawyer could be beneficial for someone who is considering filing a claim. A person should hire a property negligence legal advocate any time they are injured on another’s land to figure out whether there is potential liability on another party or on multiple parties.

The role of a dedicated West Palm Beach attorney is to conduct a thorough investigation and document the premises liability case, helping to ensure the defendants are held fully accountable. The lawyers at Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa can take the lead on a case and help secure fair compensation on behalf of an injured person.

Preserving Evidence for a Strong Premises Liability Case

Retaining an attorney throughout a premises liability case could be advantageous because crucial evidence proving the defendant’s negligence may be routinely destroyed or even intentionally disposed of in some situations. It is important that an attorney has enough time to ensure the proper legal steps are being taken, such as asking the property owner to preserve any photographs or videos they could have taken of the incident. If the dangerous condition which caused the injury is still apparent, the job of a West Palm Beach attorney is to preserve evidence so it can be used to demonstrate the property owner’s carelessness later on.

Severity of Injuries

The severity of the injury or even a wrongful death could factor into the role of an attorney in a premises liability case. With a catastrophic injury or death, additional steps need to be taken to make sure that the severity and the extent of the injury are documented.

They may seek to hire experts who confirm that the injury was caused by the defendant’s negligent behavior and who corroborate the seriousness of the injury. The legal professional may also need to hire experts to provide information about what future treatment and expenses are going to look like for the injured person. If a plaintiff needs specific care, long term treatment, or a home health aide, for instance, the legal representative can hire experts to prove the types of care necessary and the cost of that medical care in the future.

Approaches that a Defense Attorney Could Take in a Premises Liability Case

The most common approach a defense attorney may take to argue against a premises liability claim is that the defendant had reason to be aware of the dangerous condition. If they did not know the hazard was there, or it was only there for a short period of time, the defendant could claim they were not responsible for the accident.

Another common defense is blaming the injured person. The property owner may say the defendant was not paying attention and would have been able to avoid the apparent hazard if they were aware. Often in premises liability cases, big corporations do what they can to avoid taking full responsibility for the plaintiff’s injuries, therefore bypassing their duty to pay compensation. Skilled legal counsel can help conduct a thorough investigation to understand exactly how the defendant was negligent to get the plaintiff the damages they deserve.

An Attorney Can Help Someone After They Have Sustained Serious Injury from a Premises Liability Accident

An attorney can help a person who has sustained injuries due to the negligent care of another’s property by ensuring that they find out the correct party responsible, by making sure that all the evidence is preserved and collected, and investigating the case and proving that the property owner was responsible for what happened. The role of a skilled West Palm Beach lawyer is to help you recover the full amount of damages possible in your premises liability case. Call Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa today to get started on your case.