Florida Hotel Injury Lawyer

Disney and Universal Studios resorts and hotels offer accommodations for millions of visitors every year, and these businesses have a duty to protect their guests from harm. This includes preventing them from intentional harm, as well as incidental harm from hazards the property owners and managers should be aware of.

With the help of an experienced tourist injury attorney, you could seek damages from parties whose negligence caused you to suffer injury, which could include payments for subsequent medical care, reimbursement of lost wages, and pain and suffering. A Florida resort and hotel injury lawyer could help you if you were injured while visiting a hotel or resort in Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or Key West, regardless of whether you are still in the United States or have already returned home.

Obligations of Resort and Hotel Owners in Florida

All resorts and hotels have a legal obligation to keep their guests safe from harm. Accordingly, a premises liability case alleges that a resort owner failed to fulfill this obligation to their guests and that this failure resulted in a personal injury.

Florida law considers guests at Disney to be invitees, which are people who enter another person’s land for business purposes, according to the case of Post v. Lunney, 261 So. 2d 146 (1972). It follows that a resort or hotel owner must refrain from causing any intentional harm to their guests, keep their property reasonably safe, and protect visitors from any dangers that they know about or should know about.

If an Orlando hotel or resort owner is, or reasonably should be, aware of a potential hazard but chooses not to remedy the threat or warn guests appropriately, they could be held liable for any injuries sustained as a result. A local resort and hotel injury attorney could help injured visitors understand Florida law as it pertains to the obligations of business property owners to protect their visitors from harm.

Examples of Hotel and Resort Injuries

Businesses in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale which are open to the public are obligated to ensure that all common areas are safe, their rooms have proper locks, and their property does not present any environmental hazards. For example, unkempt and hazardous common areas at a place like Universal Studios could lead to slips and falls, poor security could allow criminal activity such as burglary or assault to take place, and negligent housekeeping practices could expose guests to toxic mold or other unsanitary conditions.

Many of these properties also contain pools, and owners often invite guests to participate in activities on their land. Something as simple as an inattentive lifeguard in the Key West or a staff member who does not properly explain how to use a piece of equipment could create liability for the resort if an injury results. A Florida resort and hotel injury lawyer could help determine whether the actions of property owners fall below the acceptable level of care.

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Florida state law places a high level of responsibility on hotel and resort owners in Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Key West and requires that they take appropriate care to prevent harm to their visitors. A Florida resort and hotel injury lawyer may be able to help you if your injuries resulted from an owner’s failure to provide such care.

An attorney could help you pursue a claim for your losses if you are still in Florida, or they can work with your lawyer at home to pursue your claim while you focus on recovering. Get in touch today to learn more.