Florida Tourist Boating Accident Lawyer

Florida’s collection of waterways offers many wonderful opportunities for boating on lakes, rivers, or the ocean, and many visitors take advantage of these exciting and relaxing opportunities while traveling on vacation. Unfortunately, though, boating is a leading cause of personal injuries in the Key West. These accidents can involve people operating their own boats and their passengers as well as people swimming in open water. Boat operators in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale are also expected to exercise the same level of safety and awareness as motor vehicle operators, which means an at-fault boat operator could be held responsible for any damage that they cause.

skilled tourist injury attorney may be able to help if you were hurt in an accident involving a boat while on holiday in Florida. Call a Florida tourist boating accident lawyer for help with investigating the claim, measuring your losses, and pursuing negligent defendants for compensation.

Boating Safety Obligations

Florida law seeks to minimize boating accidents in Miami by imposing speed limits, directed traffic, and distinct lanes in which boats must travel. Additionally, all boaters, swimmers, people on docks, and passengers of boats in Ft. Lauderdale have a duty to operate in a way that does not place others at risk.

According to Florida law, any boater who breaches this duty and causes an injury is responsible for providing compensation, so almost any boat collision can give rise to these claims. Claimants can file against a boater’s insurance policy, which provides protection for boaters who accidentally cause bodily harm to another person.

Qualifying circumstances for boat accident claims include boat-on-boat collisions, boats that crash into docks, and boats that collide with swimmers. A Florida attorney can help evaluate what led to a tourist’s injuries and work to pursue boating accident claims against negligent boaters and their insurance companies.

Injuries in Boating Accident Claims

Boating accident victims could require prompt medical attention for injuries such as separated joints or broken bones, and severe collisions may throw a victim into the water and leave them vulnerable to drowning. A negligent boat operator, or one who violates boating laws, can cause serious injuries even on a well-maintained vessel, but an experienced accident attorney can help injured people seek justice.

It is important to note, though, that victims of boating accidents in the Key West must adhere to the statute of limitations established in Florida Statutes §95.11, which gives plaintiffs four years from the date of the incident to pursue a case. Contacting a boating accident lawyer in Florida as soon as possible may be key to maintaining a tourist’s rights, regardless of whether they are still in the area or have returned home.

How a Florida Tourist Boating Accident Attorney Can Help

Every year, tourists choose to visit Florida for their holidays and visit popular locations such as Miami Beach, Key West, or Ft. Lauderdale, which all have wonderful opportunities to enjoy water-related activities. However, boat accidents are unfortunately common, and negligent operators have an obligation to provide compensation for any injuries that they cause, so let a Florida tourist boating accident lawyer can take the lead in your claim for benefits.

If you have already returned home, our staff can work together with a lawyer local to you to handle the details of your boating accident case in Florida’s courts. If you are still in Florida, call today to make an appointment.