Florida Car Accident Wrongful Death Cases

If you have questions regarding the types of compensation that can be recovered following West Palm Beach car accident wrongful death cases, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional injury attorney for assistance. A skilled lawyer can help offer you guidance regarding the next steps you could take regarding your case’s circumstances. By gathering evidence and interviewing key witnesses, a weathered attorney could potentially prove the liability of the party at fault. Read on to learn more about West Palm Beach car accident wrongful death cases, as well as the ways a seasoned lawyer could make a difference in your family’s life today.

When to Sue for Wrongful Death

A car accident case can become a wrongful death case any time that the injured individual ultimately passes away as a result of the injuries suffered in the car crash. West Palm Beach car accident wrongful death cases can be pursued even if the injuries manifest over time and the death does not occur immediately. As long as the death is linked to the injuries suffered in the car crash, then one can pursue a wrongful death claim under those circumstances.

Unfortunately, because of the size of vehicles, a wrongful death can occur in any type of auto accident. However, deaths most commonly occur where there are higher rates of speeds on highways such as I-95 and the I-75 turnpike. Reach out to a dedicated injury lawyer to learn more.

How to Initiate an Action

When preparing to bring a wrongful death action, the first thing that a surviving legal representative should do is to contact a local injury attorney with experience in handling these types of cases. With West Palm Beach car accident wrongful death cases, the investigation needs to be conducted as quickly as possible since evidence can disappear. A surviving family would need an investigator to go the accident scene and preserve as much evidence as possible by taking pictures and leaving the vehicles in their damaged states. The longer that someone delays in hiring an attorney, the more likely it will be that evidence will disappear and the cars involved will be destroyed.

Illegal Actions from the Liable Driver

If the at-fault driver was behaving illegally, this can change West Palm Beach car accident wrongful death cases in several ways. The plaintiff in the civil case may have the ability to bring a punitive damage claim against the at-fault party, which is an additional damage award given to punish the driver for their reckless behavior. This claim must first be proffered to the court in order to gain the judge and jury’s permission. This is a rarer form of damage compensation that can only be brought if the liable driver was acting with a wanton disregard for the safety of others when the accident occurred. There is also the potential for a criminal action to be brought by the state against the aggressor that is separate from the civil action and could lead to additional penalties.

If you require legal assistance in attaining compensation for West Palm Beach car accident wrongful death cases, reach out to a compassionate injury lawyer today for your initial consultation.