Florida Taxotere Lawyer

Taxotere—a common name brand of docetaxel—is a chemotherapy drug often used for breast cancer and other types of cancer. Unfortunately, studies and reports from patients have revealed that this drug is frequently associated with permanent hair loss, or alopecia. Although Taxotere has been available for patient use since 1996, the risk for permanent hair loss was not mentioned on its labeling until 2015.

The manufacturers of Taxotere report that over three percent of individuals who take this drug suffer permanent alopecia, making it a very common adverse reaction. Other studies reveal that as many as ten to 15 percent of patients experience persistent hair loss after taking Taxotere.

If you are one of the many individuals who were prescribed Taxotere and are suffering from permanent hair loss, a West Palm Beach Taxotere lawyer may be able to help you. Reach out to a skilled defective drug attorney to begin reviewing your potential legal options.

When a company manufactures and markets a drug in the United States, they must abide by certain laws. Under the Kefauver-Harris Amendments of 1962, drug manufacturers are generally required to report the effectiveness of their medications and any potential adverse effects before bringing them to the market. This is one way of ensuring safe and effective drugs are brought to the market for public consumption.

While highly effective in the treatment of breast cancer, many women unfortunately experience the adverse effects of Taxotere as well. By not reporting the potential adverse effect of permanent hair loss, Sanofi Aventis—the manufacturer of Taxotere—not only broke the law but made themselves civilly liable for the damages of thousands of patients.

As a result, this company is now the focus of mass tort lawsuits, many of which are championed by dedicated West Palm Beach Taxotere attorneys. Plaintiffs commonly claim that Sanofi Aventis knowingly failed to warn patients about this adverse effect from taking the medications. If these individuals and their doctors had been aware of the high rate of this serious and ongoing side effect, a different chemotherapeutic agent might have been considered in order to avoid the pain and suffering that comes with long-term alopecia.

What is a Mass Tort Lawsuit?

A mass tort lawsuit often involves many consumers who suffer injuries from a defective product or drug. A seasoned lawyer can represent many injured parties and help with investigations into dangerous drugs like Taxotere.

Mass tort lawsuits like the ones against Sanofi Aventis for Taxotere follow a complex legal structure. However, the legal counsel involved in such lawsuits can share resources, ideas, and information that could help ensure all the involved plaintiffs get fair settlements for the injuries they endured.

Potential plaintiffs should check with an adept Taxotere lawyer in West Palm Beach to determine the current status of any mass tort cases against the manufacturers of Taxotere. Depending on their individual experiences and losses, they may be eligible for monetary compensation.

What a West Palm Beach Taxotere Attorney Could Do to Help

If you or someone you love took Taxotere and suffers from permanent hair loss, you may benefit from connecting with a West Palm Beach Taxotere lawyer. You may have a case that entitles you to financial compensation for your pain, suffering, and humiliation. Call today to schedule an appointment for a legal consultation.