Florida Physiomesh Lawyer

Many people who have had hernia injuries have opted to get a Physiomesh to help reinforce the abdominal wall and prevent future hernias from happening. The Physiomesh is a flexible composite mesh that is made up of various parts and placed in the body. Physiomesh is primarily used to treat ventral hernias, which occurs in the general abdominal wall.

Unfortunately, there have been many issues with the Physiomesh device that have required some individuals to have reoperations to remove and replace the mesh. If you or a loved one has suffered complications due to the Physiomesh, reach out to a seasoned mass torts attorney today. A West Palm Beach Physiomesh lawyer could help you file a claim and get you the compensation you deserve.

Physiomesh Versus Other Hernia Mesh Products

Physiomesh is different from other hernia mesh products because it uses a polypropylene coating on both sides. Some Physiomesh devices are even coated with fish oils to help incorporate them into the skin. The Physiomesh also has two layers to it and has a plastic-like film on both sides. This is so the mesh adheres to the body and does not allow a person’s muscles to go through.

Preparing to File a Claim

When someone has endured complications due to the Physiomesh, they may want to file a claim to recover damages. When filing a claim, it is wise to obtain the services of a West Palm Beach Physiomesh lawyer who is experienced in handling such cases. The individual could help the personal injury attorney with the claim by knowing the date of the surgery and the exact hospital that the surgery was performed at.

Recoverable Damages

The main damages that are sought in a dangerous medical device injury case are the medical expenses that they incurred. The individual could also seek damages for the time they had to miss work due to the surgery. Unfortunately, some of these cases involve the injured person no longer being able to work again, therefore, they can collect damages for future loss of wages. If the individual was married, they may be able to receive damages for loss of consortium, which refers to the loss of enjoyment of life with their spouse. They may also be rewarded due to the loss of enjoyment of activities that they were able to do before the surgery. In some cases, punitive damages may be sought to deter manufacturers from being careless in designing and placing a harmful product on the market.

Contact a West Palm Beach Physiomesh Attorney Today

If you have suffered complications because of the Physiomesh, consult with a West Palm Beach Physiomesh lawyer right away. During the initial consultation, the lawyer may ask questions about where you had the surgery, when the mesh was implanted, and if you had multiple surgeries after the first Phyisomesh surgery. This will help the attorney with the investigation of your case and help them with calculating the damages. Call today to schedule your consultation with an accomplished West Palm Beach Physiomesh lawyer.