Florida Physiomesh Litigation

If you have suffered an injury or complications due to the Physiomesh, you may want to contact an attorney who is experienced in West Palm Beach Physiomesh litigation. A seasoned Physiomesh lawyer could inform you of your legal options and help you get the compensation you deserve. Litigation is a complex process, therefore, it is essential to have a knowledgeable legal professional on your side.

Primary Claims Against Physiomesh

The most common filed complaint against Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson is that the Physiomesh was made with design defects. This is because the manufacturer has negligently designed flaws in the product. Due to this, patients are having multiple surgeries to correct their hernia issues. If a patient has suffered an injury due to the design defects of the Physiomesh, an accomplished attorney could work tirelessly to hold the manufacturer accountable and help the injured person recover the damages they need.

Multidistrict Litigation

Multidistrict litigation refers to how cases are grouped. There numerous cases being filed all across the United States and in different parts of the country, which is like a district. When there are many cases in the same area that have a claim against the same defendant, it is easier to group all these cases together and choose one central location between all the cases. These cases go up against the manufacturer or the defendants altogether.

Multidistrict litigation simply means that many people across the country have suffered some sort of harm stemming from the same type of product and although each person has their individual injuries and circumstances, the group as a whole do seem to have similar injuries and the actions that are filed are usually against the same manufacturer(s). Therefore, all the individual cases can be combined into one group and transferred to a single location (district). Multidistrict litigation is meant to speed up the process of hundreds or thousands of cases.

All across the country, lawsuits were filed against Ethicon and Johnson & Johson with each complaint alleging that Physiomesh was implanted and then caused similar injuries. When this happened, a West Palm Beach Physiomesh litigation was grouped into one mass tort action and transferred to the Northern District of Georgia, where a U.S. District Judge would preside over the case.

Under What Circumstances are Multidistrict Litigation Likely to Occur?

Multidistrict litigation is likely to happen when there have been hundreds of people who have been affected by the same device. Normally, this type of litigation occurs in product liability actions because a dangerous product distributed across the country can harm hundreds, if not thousands of people in a similar manner. The parties involved in a multidistrict litigation are the manufacturer, any of the distributors that sent out the products, and all the patients.

Multidistrict litigation is governed by the Judicial Panel, which is composed of seven circuit and district judges appointed by the Chief Justice of the United States. The panel selects a sample of cases in order to conduct what is called bellwether trials. This small sample of complaints goes through the entire process of a trial. Then the panel will assess the recoverable damages.

Someone who has suffered an injury due to the Physiomesh may want to obtain a legal professional who has experienced handled such cases. A lawyer who is knowledgeable about West Palm Beach Physiomesh litigation could help file a claim that could maximize your recovery. Call today to schedule a consultation with an aggressive attorney who will fight for you.