Known Risks and Dangers of Physiomesh in Florida

If an individual is not having issues with the Physiomesh and is not showing any sign of complications, then it means that the device is working normally. The person’s muscles have grown through that mesh and it is attached to their body. However, there are many known risks and dangers of Physiomesh in West Palm Beach that you should be aware of. To learn more, reach out to an experienced Physiomesh lawyer today.

Primary Complaints Against Physiomesh

The main complaints that have been filed against Physiomesh concern the negligence on the manufacturer’s behalf. This includes design and manufacturing defects. The manufacturing company did not take the time and care it needed to when designing a product that is going to work inside a human. It is not surprising that the human body did not respond well to a market product that was not clinically tried on a human. A foreign product implanted inside a human body always carries risks and everyone responds slightly different to surgeries. This is why these devices should be tested thoroughly.

Common Complications Linked to Physiomesh

Most of the known risks and dangers of Physiomesh in West Palm Beach deal with bowels. Many people experience excess blockages because the product is in the stomach and is close to the bowels. This may cause people to have to go to the bathroom more frequently. Also, men may have issues with erectile dysfunction due to symptoms that occur in the lower parts of their body.

Other complications include wounds not closing. A wound should start healing a few weeks after surgery, but a defective mesh can lead to would VAC for months because the person’s body will not heal properly. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for notifying the public about Physiomesh issues.

Symptoms of Physiomesh Complications

Hernia patients may have problems due to Physiomesh if they have wounds not closing. Pus, leakages, and signs of infection are other symptoms to look for. Patients tend to know if there is something seriously wrong because they can feel it. If it has been months or years after the procedure and they are still experiencing extreme sharp pains in their body or are finding it hard to move, the Physiomesh may be causing problems. If this is the case, the individual should see a doctor and also contact a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the known risks and dangers of Physiomesh in West Palm Beach.

Other Solutions to Hernia Injuries

If the Physiomesh is taken out, doctors may be able to use a mesh that is made out of organic biomaterial (such as porcine dermis, porcine small intestine submucosa, bovine dermis or pericardium, and the dermis or fascia lata of a cadaveric human) which is called a biologic mesh. The issue, however, is if the Physiomesh can be taken out because part of the problem with Physiomesh is that it quickly incorporates into the body and muscles may grow through the mesh. This is why it is important to understand the known risks and dangers of Physiomesh in West Palm Beach. For more information, contact a well-trained lawyer today.