Florida Auto Insurance Claims Lawyer

As I-95, the Florida Turnpike and other Florida roadways become more crowded, the likelihood of being involved in an auto accident is steadily increasing. To protect drivers in the event of an auto accident, property damage liability coverage is required by the State of Florida to register a vehicle.

When an insured driver is involved in an auto accident, the presumption is that because they have insurance, their only focus is on recovering from the accident itself. Unfortunately, the most difficult aspect of an auto accident is often the resolution of the personal injury or property damage claim. If an insurance company does not meet its policy obligations and delays or wrongfully denies the injured party’s claim, it is liable for ‘bad faith.’ When this occurs, a West Palm Beach auto insurance claims lawyer can help in ensuring that your company meets its end of the agreement.

‘Bad Faith’ Insurance Claims

While many auto insurance companies work in good faith to protect their clients and honor their policies, other companies have a history of making “lowball” settlement offers and delaying or denying payment. When faced with an injury claim caused by an auto accident, insurance companies will sometimes attempt to avoid paying a claim, citing that “the injury condition was preexisting” or will outright refuse a reasonable settlement offer.

Unfortunately, insurance companies profit from the underpayment and wrongful denial of claims. While they are obligated to act ‘in good faith’ and meet the reasonable expectations of the insured party (and give at least as much consideration to the financial interests of the insured as they do to their own interests), they sometimes make things difficult for their clients while pursuing greater profits.

It is often easier and more profitable for the insurance companies to fight the claims than actually pay out the monies due under the policies. Insurance companies typically have vast resources with which to defend against lawsuits and employ teams of lawyers to vigorously defend bad faith claims.

How Our Auto Insurance Claims Attorneys Can Help

Attorney Fred Cunningham is acknowledged as a pioneer in the area of insurance bad faith litigation. He has represented countless victims of insurance bad faith claims revolving around auto accidents, medical negligence and trucking crashes. He is the “go-to” West Palm Beach auto insurance claims attorney when other law firms have bad faith cases.

If you are dealing with an insurance company who you believe may be acting in bad faith, please contact us. If you were a victim of an insurance company, our Palm Beach Gardens auto insurance claims lawyers will protect your rights and stand up to the insurance company on your behalf. You have the right to make sure that the contractual agreements of your policy are upheld in full.