Florida Nursing Home Inattentive Staff Lawyer

Placing an elderly loved one in the care of a nursing home involves a great deal of trust that the staff and management will do everything they can to ensure their health, happiness, and safety. However, nursing home residents are vulnerable to staff members who do not take their well-being seriously and are at risk of having their needs ignored.

If you or a loved one is being subjected to inattentiveness from facility staff members, a compassionate nursing home abuse and negligence attorney can help you seek legal remedies. A diligent Florida nursing home inattentive staff lawyer can review the details of your case and help you pursue monetary compensation from responsible parties.

Florida Nursing Home Residents Right to Litigation

Residents of local nursing homes are afforded the right to file a lawsuit under Florida Statutes §400.023. Most nursing home residents are placed in a facility because they need more attention and care than what can be provided for them in another setting.

A resident’s risk of injury or death increases when staff members do not pay adequate attention to them. If not properly monitored, nursing home residents could:

  • Fall
  • Injure others
  • Develop bedsores
  • Develop other serious medical conditions such as an infection
  • Choke
  • Take the wrong medication
  • Wander away from the facility
  • Lack proper nutrition

Medical Standard of Care for Nursing Home Staff Members

Certified or licensed care providers must adhere to the medical field’s accepted standards relevant to their job positions. Failing to monitor residents violates this duty of care and creates liability for the nursing home and its staff members.

When staff members are directly liable for the injuries a resident incurs, the nursing home will likely bear some fault, as well. Since the nursing home employs the inattentive and negligent staff, the facility’s owners and managers could also be partially responsible. A steadfast Florida nursing home distracted staff attorney can help identify which parties bear fault for a resident’s damages.

Who Can File a Lawsuit Against a Nursing Home?

Nursing home residents who wish to file a lawsuit may not have the mental capacity or energy to do so, or they could have passed away as a result of the inattentive staff members. Under such circumstances, the law allows other people to file a claim on their behalf, such as a:

  • Resident or their guardian
  • Third party acting on their behalf and by consent of the resident or their guardian
  • Personal representative of the deceased resident’s estate

Any of these parties to a case may file a civil suit with the help of a seasoned inattentive nursing home staff lawyer in Florida.

Ask a Florida Nursing Home Inattentive Staff Attorney about Seeking Justice

If you or a loved one suffered an injury because of negligent and inattentive staff in a nursing home, legal recourse may be available to you. It is the goal of a Florida nursing home inattentive staff lawyer to ensure you receive justice and compensation for your injuries. By working with experienced legal counsel, you can increase the chances of your success. Learn more about your options by scheduling a consultation today.