Florida Nursing Home Ratings

There are currently eleven licensed nursing home facilities in West Palm Beach and numerous others in the surrounding towns and communities.

With the number of nursing homes in the area it is important to consider each nursing home individually in light of a person’s physical and medical needs, and also consider such things as cost and overall quality of care offered at a nursing home.

Nursing Homes in West Palm Beach

The following nursing homes are currently licensed as nursing homes in West Palm Beach.

  • Consulate Health Care of West Palm Beach
  • Coral Bay Healthcare and Rehabilitation
  • Darcy Hall of Life Care
  • Joseph L. Morse Health Center, INC.,
  • Lakeside Health Center
  • Lourdes-Noreen McKeen Residence for Geriatric care, INC.,
  • ManorCare Health Services West Palm Beach
  • Palm Garden of West Palm Beach
  • The Rehabilitation Center of the Palm Beaches
  • Renaissance Health and Rehabilitation
  • Savannah Cove

Selecting the Right Nursing Home

Choosing a nursing home is a highly sensitive and personal matter and one that should be made only after careful consideration and inspection of a nursing home. To select the right nursing home, it is often beneficial to consider:

Personal needs – Selecting a nursing home should include considering a resident’s medical needs and whether that particular facility is currently equipped to handle those needs. In addition, it is important that families consider what other services are available in light of an individual’s needs, such as therapeutic services.

Finally, it may also be important to consider how far away a nursing home is from other family members.

Comparing nursing homes – There are currently eleven nursing homes in West Palm Beach, and each of these nursing facilities has their own unique characteristics, and services that they provide. A person should consider their own personal needs and measure them again what services are available at a particular nursing home facility.

Visit the nursing home – It is crucial that family members visit a nursing home before deciding to commit a loved one to a nursing home facility. During a visit, an individual and family can assess for themselves the quality of care, and get an overall feel for the nursing home and staff.

Exploring Nursing Home Ratings

It is important to do a thorough investigation of a nursing home before committing a loved one to a nursing home care facility. This means not only conducting a visit and asking questions but also investigating nursing home inspection ratings through Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration.

Out of all of the nursing homes in West Palm Beach, the Joseph L. Morse Health Center and Lakeside Health Center share the highest ratings, both with an overall inspection score of 5 stars. This high rating indicates that these facilities ranked in the top twenty percent of all nursing home facilities in the region.

Darcy Hall of Life Care was the next highest rated nursing home with four stars. This rating indicates that this nursing facility ranked better than 61% to 80% of all nursing home facilities in the region.

Savannah Cove was listed as a three-star facility, ranking better than 41% and 60% of all nursing home facilities in the region.

Lourdes-Noreen McKeen Residence for Geriatric Care, Inc., ManorCare Health Services, The Rehabilitation Center of the Palm Beaches, all were ranked as two-star facilities which ranks them better than 21% to 40% of all nursing home facilities in the region.

Finally, Palm Beach Garden of West Palm Beach and Renaissance Health and Rehabilitation were both cited as one-star facilities.

These rankings are based on a variety of factors including quality of care, quality of life, the administration, nutrition and hydration, restraints and abuse, pressure ulcers, a decline in resident functionality, and dignity. However, nursing home rankings alone should not influence your decision. Conducting a site visit, speaking with other patients and if possible family members of residents can also help inform your decision.

Do Due Diligence When Choosing a Nursing Home

If you are considering entering a nursing home or are considering sending a loved one to a nursing home facility, it is important to investigate each facility and how it performs.

A facility may look appealing, however, other factors may indicate that these facilities do not treat elderly patients with the care and dignity they deserve.