Florida Nursing Home Neglect Claims

Nursing homes are supposed to be a place that is safe and secure for its residents, however, in some nursing homes, residents are neglected to a degree that constitutes abuse. Abuse or neglect in a nursing home can refer to a variety of things. Essentially, neglect refers to the failure to treat the residents with dignity, the failure to give them the care they need and the failure to make sure they are safe.

One of the common threads in nursing home neglect cases is understaffed facilities, poorly trained staff members, or staff members working too many hours that they cannot possibly meet the needs of the residents. If you or someone you love is a victim of nursing home neglect, get in touch with a lawyer about West Palm Beach nursing home neglect claims today. A qualified injury attorney can strive for a positive outcome for you.

Common Examples of Neglect

Common examples of neglect in nursing homes include a failure to have adequate staffing, and failure to appropriately turn residents who are bedbound so they do not end up with pressure sores. The nursing home fails to provide close care to people who are at risk for falling so they end up falling and breaking a hip or are otherwise injured. Another example of neglect in a nursing home is failing to pay attention and allowing residents to wander out of the facility and end up getting hurt.

All patients in a nursing home are vulnerable to the consequences of neglect. Patients are in a nursing home because they cannot care for themselves. Therefore, they are dependent on the nursing home to make sure they are safe and that makes them all vulnerable. If someone is being neglected, they can call the Agency for Healthcare Administration and the police. They should make sure to call an experienced lawyer about West Palm Beach nursing home neglect claims after informing the appropriate authorities.

There are a variety of harms and injuries that can result from neglect, including limitless bed sores, pressure sores, malnutrition, death, and fractured hips or other broken bones. Obviously, the mental pain and suffering that occur as a result of neglect can be extensive.


Sometimes these wounds can go down to the bone. There are four stages of development for a bedsore. Stage one is redness on the skin. Stage two is where the skin is broken open. Stage three is when the sore descends down into the fat and the muscle. Stage four is when the wound opens up and goes all the way down to the bone. Pressure sores can cause terrible pain. Bedsores frequently become infected, which can result in an amputation or even death.

Potential Treatment Options for Bedsores

The best treatment option for a pressure sore is prevention. There is appropriate care for people who are at risk of developing pressure sores to make sure they do not get one in the first place. If they start to get a bed sore, the pressure must be relieved. A caregiver at the nursing home must come in and give them the appropriate care so there is no pressure. The resident must have a treatment from an appropriate wound care facility to help the wound heal.

Contacting an Attorney About Nursing Home Neglect in West Palm Beach

If you or someone you love has been the victim of nursing home neglect West Palm Beach, get in touch with a skilled lawyer. Do not let the abuse that this nursing home has put you or your loved one through, go unacknowledged. A skilled attorney can work diligently to assure that you get the damages you deserve, and that the responsible parties are held accountable for their neglect. Contact a lawyer and get started on your case today.