Duty of Care Owed by Nursing Home Facilities in Florida

Nursing home facilities owe a specific duty of care to residents to take reasonable measures to ensure their wellbeing and prevent injury. If a facility or its staff violates the duty of care owed by nursing home facilities in West Palm Beach, they may be legally responsible for any injuries that the resident sustains.

If you or a loved one has experienced nursing home abuse, do not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach. An attorney could investigate the situation further and determine if you are eligible to pursue compensation from the nursing home in a civil suit.

The Standard of Care for West Palm Beach Nursing Homes

Nursing homes in West Palm Beach must afford residents the rights and privileges that Florida law requires, as well as to follow the federal regulations in place for long-term care facilities. Additionally, nursing homes should apply the appropriate standard of care to keep residents safe and to prevent reasonably anticipatable injury from coming to them. A nursing home assumes this duty of care when they admit a resident to its facility.

Unfortunately, the care provided in some West Palm Beach nursing home facilities is far below the accepted industry standards. When a nursing home or its employees are negligent in the care provided to a resident, the court may find them to have violated the standard of care and hold them liable for the resident’s damages such as medical bills, pain, and suffering.

To file a negligence claim against a West Palm Beach nursing home, an individual must demonstrate that a legal duty of care was owed and that a violation of this duty occurred, directly leading to the victim’s damages. A nursing home may also violate their responsibility through negligent hiring or training practices.

Instances of neglect and abuse are a clear violation of a nursing home’s legal duty to its residents. Common examples of nursing home abuse include subjecting a resident to starvation or malnutrition, failing to follow basic hygiene practices, or verbally abusing or degrading a resident. The psychological or sexual abuse of a resident would also constitute a particularly heinous violation of the nursing home facility’s duty of care. Sometimes, nursing home abuse can be monetary, such as the financial exploitation or manipulation of a resident.

Responding to Violations of a West Palm Beach Nursing Facility’s Duty of Care

When violations of the duty of care owed by nursing home facilities in West Palm Beach occur, residents may sustain grave injuries and losses. A nursing home facility that is failing in its legal duty to residents should be held accountable. If you or a family member has been impacted by nursing home abuse, consult an attorney to discuss your legal options. Call now to schedule your initial case consultation with a West Palm Beach attorney.