Florida Nursing Home Financial Abuse Lawyer

Florida’s nursing home residents are vulnerable to many types of mistreatment from staff members, including financial abuse. This type of abuse involves robbing the elderly of their financial resources and valuable items.

Financial abuse within nursing homes is unfortunately common, and victims and their families can consult a qualified attorney for assistance with recouping their losses. A steadfast Florida nursing home financial abuse lawyer can file a civil suit against the facility and its staff to compensate the value of what was taken from a claimant as well as their emotional pain and suffering.

Defining Financial Abuse in a Nursing Home

Elder financial abuse happens when someone misuses or takes the assets of an aging adult for their own gain. This mistreatment typically happens without the knowledge or permission of the victim. Financial abuse in nursing homes is common, as employees have easy access to the valuables of residents who may not be aware of their surroundings and possessions.

In nursing homes, financial mistreatment of a resident could involve:

  • Taking cash, valuables, medications, and other personal property
  • Falsifying records, forgeries, or unauthorized writing of checks
  • Completing unauthorized sales, transferring or changing property titles, and unauthorized or illegal changes to estate documents

Regardless of the exact nature of the monetary manipulation, a qualified Florida nursing home financial abuse attorney can help research what has happened, gather vital evidence, contact the proper authorities, and pursue litigation against responsible parties.

Residents’ Rights

Nursing home residents do not forfeit their rights when they move into a facility. In fact, state law provides them with several protected rights under Florida Statutes §400.022. For example, residents are afforded the right to be cared for with dignity, respect, and fairness, free from all types of neglect or abuse, receive essential health and well-being support services, and voice their opinions without fear of retaliation.

Nursing home staff members as well as a facility itself could be held liable for failing to uphold these medical care standards. A compassionate nursing home financial abuse lawyer in Florida can work to obtain compensation from negligent parties on an injured resident’s behalf.

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Learning that you or your loved one has been the victim of financial abuse by nursing home staff can be extremely difficult. You can turn to an experienced Florida nursing home financial abuse lawyer to help your loved one receive the settlement or civil award that they are entitled to. Call today to have your case reviewed by qualified legal counsel.