Florida Nursing Home Bedsores Lawyer

Bedsores are a painful condition in which the skin becomes raw after being under pressure for an extended period of time. In extreme cases, bed sores may become open wounds leading to infections and serious complications. Any time a nursing home resident develops a bed sore, it may be important to investigate whether the nursing home and its staff contributed to or caused this condition. Nursing homes are required to provide residents with appropriate health care as well as protective and support services, according to Fla. Stat. §400.022. A bed sore can be a strong indication that a nursing home resident’s rights are not being met, and that the nursing home is being negligent. In most cases, bedsores are a preventable injury. Therefore, if you or a loved one developed a bedsore in a nursing home, you may want to contact a Florida nursing home bedsores lawyer today to discuss your case. Call and schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

Difference Between a Bedsore, Pressure Ulcer, and a Pressure Wound

Any prolonged pressure to the skin can interrupt blood flow to that area of the skin. This pressure can cause the skin to become starved of critical nutrients and oxygen. If the pressure is not shifted or removed, the skin can begin to break down.

Throughout the years, bedsores have been referred to different names, such as “pressure ulcers” and “pressure wounds.” However, there is generally no difference between these names. There is, however, a difference in the stages a bedsore can be diagnosed as:

  • Stage one – the mildest form of pressure ulcer, generally only affects the upper layer of skin
  • Stage two – some of the lower layers of skin are affected and the skin may be broken and appear as a blister
  • Stage three – the pressure ulcer has gone through the second layer of skin and affects the fat tissues
  • Stage four – the pressure ulcer has gone through more layers of skin and can affect muscles and ligaments, this is the most serious stage and can result in severe complications

Contact a knowledgeable and seasoned lawyer to learn more about the difference between these injuries.

Standards for Florida Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are bound by both state and federal laws to provide residents with the appropriate care. Specifically, Florida Administrative Code §59A-4.109 requires that all nursing homes provide residents with a plan of care which should address if a nursing home resident has the potential to develop bedsores due to a lack of physical mobility. A proper care plan should not only identify whether a resident has a higher probability of developing a bedsore, but also a plan as for how to prevent bedsores from developing.

Bedsores are more than just painful—they can cause serious complications. Because a bedsore can result in an open wound, they can easily become infected, resulting in medical complications and even death. In addition, a bedsore indicates that a loved one was not provided with the appropriate level of care and attention they deserve. Speak to an experienced bedsores attorney in Florida to learn more about nursing home legal standards.

Importance of a Skilled Florida Bedsores Attorney

A Florida nursing home bedsores lawyer could meet with you and your family to discuss your condition and explore whether a nursing home is liable for a bed sore injury. Nursing homes have a legal obligation to ensure their residents are properly cared for. If you or a loved one developed a bed sore, contact a Florida nursing home bedsores attorney today.