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Bedsores and pressure ulcers are potential indicators of nursing home neglect. They are most frequently caused by a person sitting or lying for too long in one position without moving. Bed-bound patients in hospitals, nursing homes, eldercare institutions, and assisted living facilities are at a much higher risk of developing bedsores and pressure ulcers than many other individuals. There are also legal safeguards designed to protect at-risk populations in nursing homes from the kinds of mistreatment and neglect that can cause bedsores. If you or someone you know has developed bedsores or ulcers of any kind, they may be the victim of abuse, and you should speak to the caring Palm Beach Gardens nursing home bedsore injury lawyers at Dominick Cunningham & Yaffa today for a thorough walkthrough of your rights and responsibilities in a bedsore nursing home lawsuit.

Defending Against the Harrowing Pain and Suffering of Severe Bedsores with Our Experienced Palm Beach Gardens Nursing Home Bedsore Injury Lawyers

Bedsores and pressure ulcers are skin and tissue lesions that develop due to prolonged pressure. They are most common in patients with little to no mobility, such as the residents of nursing homes who are forced to rely on caretakers to move, sit, shift, turn, and reposition themselves on their beds or chairs. Pressure ulcers can range in severity from stage 1, in which intact skin appears red, to stages 2, 3, and 4, in which the skin breaks, exposes an underlying wound, and even exposes bones, muscles, and other internal tissues.

While pressure sores can be prevented by keeping the skin dry and clean and consistently moving your loved one to a new position at least every two hours, if they develop, they are possible indications of some form of abuse or neglect. The 1987 Nursing Home Reform Law outlined the rights of nursing home residents in the United States. Nursing homes are required to meet specific criteria within this law to maintain certification with Medicare and/or Medicaid. An important right contained in this law is the right to an improved quality of life, the right to adequate medical care, and the right to basic needs such as food and water. Bedsores can indicate an infringement of one or more of these rights, and you should speak with our Palm Beach Gardens nursing home bedsore injury lawyers immediately if your loved one has bedsores or has other signs of nursing home abuse.

Protecting Your Rights in a Bedsore or Pressure Ulcer Claim with Experienced Nursing Home Pressure Ulcer Injury Attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

If you lost a loved one to bedsores, you can pursue compensation for medical expenses paid, the loss of care and support of your loved one, and funeral and burial costs. You can only win a claim if you can prove that the accused at-fault party owed your loved one a duty of care – typically defined as what a reasonably experienced and trained professional responsible for caring for your loved one would have done in similar circumstances.

You must also show that there was some form of breach of the duty of care and that that breach led to quantifiable damages. We will interview witnesses and caregivers and gather other forms of evidence such as medical reports and security camera recordings to build a foolproof case.

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According to the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, over 2.5 million people in the United States develop pressure ulcers every year, many of them in nursing homes. These health issues come with pain, higher risks for serious infection, and increased healthcare costs. The National Institutes of Health corroborates these findings and recommends better conditions and care to prevent pressure ulcers and bedsores, especially for orthopedic and diabetic patients. Our experienced Palm Beach Gardens nursing home bedsore injury lawyers can help you file a claim and seek the compensation you and your loved ones deserve for nursing home negligence, abuse, and bedsore and pressure ulcer injuries. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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