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Palm Beach County Nursing Home Fall Injury Lawyer

Palm Beach County Nursing Home Fall Injury Lawyer

Falls in nursing homes are unfortunately common. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the biggest cause of injuries and death amongst older Americans. When a nursing home resident falls, it often comes with serious consequences. In addition to a physical injury, a fall in a nursing home can leave residents with emotional injuries as well, since they may be unable to engage in activities they once enjoyed.

Palm Beach County nursing home fall injuries often signal the end of a resident’s independence, and in some severe cases, they can be fatal. While some falls cannot be prevented, nursing homes and staff are required to diligently evaluate and identify at-risk residents and take affirmative steps to prevent those residents from falling and injuring themselves.

If you or a loved one fell and were injured while under the care of a nursing home, contact an experienced nursing home lawyer about your fall injuries. An experienced nursing home attorney can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your fall to determine if a nursing home or its staff contributed to or caused the accident.

Assessing Nursing Home Residents at Risk of Falling

According to Fla. Administrative Code. Section 59A-4, nursing homes must assess every resident and develop a care plan based on this assessment. This should allow nursing homes to identify residents who may be at risk of falling and tailor a treatment plan with steps that staff should take to ensure a resident’s safety, as well as therapeutic services to help prevent falls and injuries.

If a nursing home fails to assess a resident, or fails to make adjustments to a resident’s treatment plan as required by this regulation, a nursing home may be held liable if a fall injury occurs.

Consequences of a Nursing Home Fall

Nursing home falls can easily result in serious injuries, including bruising, contusions, and bone fractures.

In addition to physical injuries, nursing home fall injuries often cause serious monetary losses. A fall may mean that a resident must go to the hospital, undergo expensive radiology testing, undergo surgery, and receive physical therapy. These services can cost thousands of dollars.

Palm Beach County nursing home fall injuries can also inflict severe emotional damage on a nursing home resident. Nursing homes often require residents to use a cane, wheelchair, or walker for their safety following an accident, which can then limit their independence. In addition, a home may restrict a fall-prone resident from participating in certain community activities.

It is also common for nursing home residents who have fallen to suffer from depression and isolate themselves because of their injuries.

Turn to a Palm Beach County Nursing Home Fall Injury Attorney Today

Palm Beach County nursing home fall injuries can severely impact an individual’s health and well-being. A nursing home fall injury lawyer in Palm Beach County may help affected individuals and families recover compensation for their injuries and expenses by working with residents, families, doctors, and professionals to determine the extent of an injury and the impact it will have on a resident.

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