Florida Improper Medical Training Lawyer

A 2016 study published by Johns Hopkins University reported that medical mistakes are now the third leading cause of death in the United States, and the number of fatalities linked to malpractice has likely increased since then. Many factors can contribute to medical errors, and a seasoned attorney can help determine the role that inadequate training played in a patient’s injuries.

When medical professionals in nursing homes are not trained properly or do not update their education, residents’ lives are put at risk. A West Palm Beach improper medical training lawyer can help nursing home residents and their families pursue a facility and its staff members for compensation.

A doctor, nurse, nurse’s assistant, phlebotomist, x-ray technician, or other medical professional in a nursing home who fails to treat residents with the medically accepted standard of care and subsequently causes them harm could be held liable under Florida Statute §766.202.

According to this statute, any person who incurs damages from medical negligence has the right to file a lawsuit against responsible parties. A West Palm Beach inadequate caregiver training attorney could help a claimant present evidence of a nursing home’s failure to properly train their staff members and establish a link between unqualified medical care and their damages.

Adhering to Medical Standards

All nursing home healthcare providers owe a duty to the residents who are placed in their care. They must treat them in the same way that other medical professionals with the same education and training would under similar circumstances. Those who do not practice according to this standard could create liability for the facility and its managers on the basis of improper training.

Residents who are injured as a direct result of an inadequately trained staff member’s negligence could be entitled to monetary compensation for their suffering. It is advisable to consult with a skilled improper medical education lawyer in West Palm Beach to determine a nursing home’s role in a resident’s losses.

Insufficient Medical Training and Negligence

Knowledge, techniques, and standards of care in the medical field and nursing homes are constantly evolving. Not only do healthcare providers have to go to school to receive a license and certification to practice in their field, but they must also keep up with any changes in the industry. By going to voluntary and mandatory trainings, they can increase their knowledge and understanding of new medical techniques and best practices.

If staff members are not given the opportunity to learn how to use medical equipment for their jobs, the facility risks inflicting avoidable harm on residents. Nursing homes must implement protocols to ensure that their employees and contractors receive the education and training they need in order to practice safely.

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If you or a loved one was injured by a nursing home healthcare provider who did not have the correct training to provide proper medical care, you should consider your legal options. A compassionate West Palm Beach improper medical training lawyer could determine your case’s merit and represent your interests in court. Since you may have a limited amount of time to file a medical malpractice lawsuit, call our firm today to schedule a case consultation.