Were Nursing Home Patients Unnecessarily Exposed to Abuse or Neglect in Medicare Fraud?

Thousands of patients of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in South Florida may have been unnecessarily exposed to abuse or neglect as pawns in a billion dollar scam to defraud the government.


This week, the Department of Justice announced that more than 30 Miami-area nursing homes in the Esformes Network participated in a complex and corrupt scheme to exploit unqualified patients by imposing unnecessary medical treatment or in some cases, plying them with addictive narcotics and forcing an addiction that would prolong their stay. By manipulating these senior citizens, the perpetrators could in turn bill Medicare and Medicaid for the treatment and turns the patients into profit centers.


According to the Assistant Attorney General Caldwell, “This is the largest single criminal health care fraud case ever brought against individuals by the Department of Justice…” While the fraud perpetrated against the government is massive, the real tragedy is the significant human cost that is yet to be revealed. Elder abuse is rampant in South Florida nursing homes, and through this scam, thousands of seniors may have been unnecessarily exposed to the myriad of dangers prevalent in nursing home environments. Understaffing and subpar care often leads to falls, pressure sores, infections, overmedication, and other injuries which can result in death. How many victims suffered an injury or lost their life, in this get rich scheme? According to reports, approximately 14,000 elderly patients may have been swept in this scandal and the consequences they have suffered by the mismanagement of their care is yet to be addressed.


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