Florida Child Injuries on a Playground Lawyer

Playground accidents in Florida frequently result in severe injuries. When a child’s injury could have been prevented if someone had exercised proper care, the situation can be especially tragic.If your child suffered injuries on a playground, a Florida child injuries on a playground lawyer can help determine whether your family may be entitled to compensation for various associated losses. If so, your knowledgeable child injuries lawyer can help you work toward recovering fair compensation to make up for short-term losses and assist in meeting future needs.

Damage Awards for a Playground Injury

If the negligence or deliberate wrongdoing of another person or entity causes a child to suffer an injury, that child’s family may be able to seek monetary compensation known as damages from the responsible party. In most situations, the family may recover for both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages cover objective losses such as doctor bills, hospital expenses, and physical therapy. In addition, economic damages may provide for modifications needed to the home or time missed from work by the parent of an injured child.

Non-economic damages are meant to compensate for intangible aspects of an injury such as pain, suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of activities. A knowledgeable Florida child playground injuries attorney can calculate a reasonable amount of compensation for each applicable loss in order to derive a fair damage award, as well as evaluate the adequacy of any settlement offers.

Steps to Take After a Child’s Injury on a Playground

After a child suffers a serious injury, it is important to first see to that child’s medical needs, calling for emergency assistance if necessary. It is equally important to follow up with a doctor and obey the instructions of medical professionals.

If possible, parents of injured children should take photographs of the scene of such accidents, collect contact information of any witnesses, and determine whether the site of the accident was under surveillance of any cameras. If applicable, a dedicated lawyer can assist in obtaining and preserving copies of video footage showing the incident that caused a child’s injury on a playground in Florida.

When the playground is in a location run by a business, such as a shopping mall or restaurant, it may be advisable to report the incident to the manager. If asked to fill out an injury report, though, parents should be wary of making any statements that could admit liability and should request in writing that surveillance footage not be erased. The more evidence that skilled legal counsel can help a potential civil plaintiff collect and preserve, the easier it could be to demonstrate liability.

Statute of Limitations

Whenever someone injured due to someone else’s negligence seeks to recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, Florida law establishes a time limit within which their claim must be filed. For cases involving injuries to adults, the deadline is four years under Florida Statutes §95.11(3).

However, when a child suffers an injury, the statute of limitations may be extended in certain circumstances. That being said, it is still generally wise to take action as quickly as possible, since relevant evidence is typically more readily available right after an incident.

Contact a Florida Child Injuries on a Playground Attorney Today

Whether a playground injury occurs due to lack of supervision, reckless conduct from another person, defective equipment, improper installation, poor maintenance, or another factor, an injured child may be entitled to financial help for the future. The key for their parents seeking compensation on their behalf, though, is to establish liability by another person or entity, which may be easier said than done without professional assistance.

While playgrounds can promote a child’s physical and emotional development, improperly maintained or poorly supervised playgrounds may have the opposite effect. If your child suffered a playground injury, consult a compassionate Florida child injuries on a playground lawyer to learn how to protect your child’s rights and meet their future needs.