Mistakes to Avoid After a Florida Truck Accident

Trucking cases are extremely complex. The operation of tractor-trailers is governed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in order to maximize a person’s recovery against a trucking company. It is necessary that a person hires a lawyer who has training, experience and proven results in handling tractor-trailer cases. Only by retaining an attorney who has a track record of success in this area could a person be able to obtain a just recovery.

By working with a seasoned attorney, a person may be able to know the mistakes to avoid after a Palm Beach Gardens truck accident. This knowledge may prove to be most valuable to when building a claim and during any potential conversations with insurance companies.

Admitting Fault in Palm Beach Gardens

Admitting fault is a perfect example of a mistake to avoid after a Palm Beach Gardens truck accident. This is something that can hurt a person’s case and should never be done. There are many factors that need to be considered when determining fault. Although a person may think that they are at fault, they do not know what the other driver was doing at the time and how their actions played a role in causing the collision. If one admits fault, that can be used by an insurance company to minimize or prevent any type of recovery by the injured party.

Giving Recorded Statements

People who are involved in auto accidents that are unrepresented are typically unfamiliar with the tactics used by insurance companies to minimize their damages. As a result, they may be led down a path which either increases their fault for the accidents and/or minimizes their damages and losses. A person should never give a recorded statement without an attorney present.

Insurance Company Interactions

An insurance company can contact an injured person for a number of reasons; one being regarding the property damage to their claim and the other as a general investigation. It would not be unusual for an injured party to get a call from an insurance company for the tractor-trailer asking for information.

People make the mistake of talking to an insurance company for the opposing party because they have questions, they do not know who is going to pay for the repair of their vehicle, they have not had the situation occur before, and they are trying to be helpful, get their car repaired, and take care of their loved ones.


In instances in which a person is not represented by a lawyer, an insurance company will often try to come in quickly and cut a settlement. This is always a bad idea, and the vast majority of cases result in the injured party accepting an amount which is extremely insufficient as compensation for their damages. Receiving insufficient compensation is a common example of a mistake to avoid after a Palm Beach Gardens truck accident. Consult with an attorney before making this mistake.

Hiring a Palm Beach Gardens Attorney

Injured parties need to make sure they are retaining attorneys who are educated, trained, and experienced in handling truck accident cases. People who teach other lawyers, who lecture around the country, and who handle cases involving tractor-trailers with regularity are the types of lawyers that someone injured or the family members of someone injured or killed as result of a truck crash should be looking to retain.

If you have been involved in an accident, speak with an experienced attorney to learn more about the mistakes to avoid after a Palm Beach Gardens truck accident.