Medical Treatment Mistakes After a Florida Truck Accident

There are many common mistakes a person can make after being involved in a truck accident. The most jeopardizing involve medical treatment mistakes after a Palm Beach Gardens truck accident. By refusing treatment, a person could potentially negatively affect an injury case. Get in touch with an experienced attorney to learn more about these common mistakes in truck accident cases and how to avoid them.

Refusal of Medical Treatment

Refusal of immediate treatment is a fairly common medical treatment mistake after a Palm Beach Gardens truck accident. This could be used by the opposing insurance company as evidence that the plaintiff was not injured in the collision.

One should always accept medical treatment, not because of a potential personal injury case, but for health reasons to make sure that they truly are not injured and are not in any health danger. Sometimes it would seem as if one is fine, but there are other things which are not as apparent and may cause health issues. Medical treatment should always be accepted.

Typically, people are scared and in shock after an accident and just want to get home or to a place that is familiar to them, so they refuse medical treatment at the scene, only to find out later that they are actually injured.

Not Following a Doctor’s Orders

Not following doctor’s orders is also another common medical treatment mistake after a Palm Beach Gardens truck accident. This could potentially hinder a person’s ability to make a recovery that compensates him or her for his or her injuries, damages, and losses. Failing to follow the doctor’s orders and follow-up with medical treatment will only give the defending insurance company ammunition to minimize a person’s claim and any potential recovery.

A treatment gap will be used by an insurance company to promote the idea that the plaintiff is not really injured, is not in need of ongoing medical care, and has not been damaged and has suffered losses.

Not Seeking Additional Medical Care

Obtaining medical care is often difficult for people who are trying to work, raise families, conduct their lives, and get back to the life they had prior to a motor vehicle collision. Typically, as a result of accidents, people missed time from work and are afraid of missing additional time and losing their job. As a result, they do not prioritize medical treatment in the manner in which they should.

Initial Steps

The initial steps for an attorney are to send out a preservation letter to make sure that the tractor-trailer is not repaired or altered in any manner and all evidence is preserved, and that logs and other information which the trucking company is mandated to retain are preserved for production and inspection.

Contacting a Palm Beach Gardens Truck Accident Attorney Too Late

The best time to contact an attorney is as soon as possible after the accident. Evidence disappears, witnesses disappear. Tractor-trailer companies have rapid response teams who will get to the scene of an accident virtually within minutes or hours, and as a result, the injured party is typically starting from behind and playing catch up. Therefore, it is important to retain an attorney as soon as possible so that a person’s rights are preserved. Speak with a truck accident lawyer to avoid medical treatment mistakes in Palm Beach Gardens truck accidents.