NTSB Issues Recommendations to Decrease Drunk Driving Accidents

The latest report issued by the National Traffic Safety Board states that approximately 10,000 Americans die each year in alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes. In addition, about 173,000 more are injured and about 27,000 of those injuries are disabling. As Florida personal injury lawyers, we represent those injured and killed as a result of drunk drivers. In a recent report, the NTSB provided recommendations to decrease drink driving accidents.


In its report, Reaching Zero: Actions to Eliminate Alcohol-Impaired Driving, the NTSB presents strong ideas for reducing drunk driving fatalities to zero. Recommendations in the report include the following:


Reduce the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level. Currently, the legal BAC across the United States is .08 percent, one of the highest legal BAC levels in the world. Given the evidence that alcohol impairment can begin at .01 percent, the NTSB recommends all 50 states lower their BAC to .05.


Increase high-visibility enforcement (HVE) measures. Including increased sobriety checkpoints, compulsory breath testing and in-vehicle sensing devices, the NTSB is looking for stronger measures to deter drunk drivers.


Installation of interlock devices. As a deterrent and a safeguard, the NTSB suggests ignition prohibition devices in cars of all drivers convicted of driving while intoxicated.


Stronger measures for repeat offenders. The NTSB recommends stringent methods to monitor and deter multiple-offense drivers, including increasing the look-back period for prior offenses, implementing zero BAC level with conviction and implementing additional punishments for a repeat offense.