Massive Verdicts for Catastrophic Injuries in Truck Accident Cases

Victims of trucking accidents often suffer catastrophic injuries and in many cases the results are fatal. The greatest injustice is when these collisions are a result of negligence. Truck accident attorneys are dedicated to holding wrongdoers accountable, so victims will be properly compensated for their damages AND so others will be deterred from repeating the negligent behavior.


With an unprecedented amount of nine-figure jury awards in 2018, highly skilled plaintiff attorneys helped encourage public safety and held the trucking industry accountable for their negligence in trucking accidents.


These awards include a $165 million verdict that was affirmed on appeal in New Mexico. The case involved a 4-year-old child who was killed when a FedEx tractor-trailer collided with a small pickup truck. In another case, a jury awarded $53 million to two brothers hit by the driver of a CRST Inc. commercial big rig. A jury in Houston awarded $90 million to a family who lost their 7-year-old child and whose 12-year-old child is paralyzed from the negligence of trucking company, Werner Enterprise, Inc. Another Texas jury awarded $101 million to a plaintiff with severe injuries caused by the negligence of a FTS International Services, LLC truck driver under the influence of drugs. Finally, also in Texas, a family of a man killed when his van collided with a tractor-trailer positioned across all four lanes of a highway was awarded $260 million.


In many of these cases, the attorneys for the plaintiff used sophisticated trial techniques to prove negligence and help the jury understand the magnitude of the injuries they had caused. In cases of catastrophic injury, it is imperative that the plaintiff seek experienced legal counsel with a record of trial experience.


The attorneys at Domnick, Cunningham & Yaffa are experienced civil trial attorneys who are well versed in successful trial strategies and have a long record of verdicts to prove their courtroom prowess. Our lawyers have a national reputation for resolving complex cases in the areas of truck accident, personal injury, medical malpractice and nursing home abuse cases.