Palm Beach Gardens Safety Measures for Nursing Home Residents

Before placing your loved one in a nursing home, you should have a clear understanding of appropriate safety measures for nursing home residents. These safety measures are enforced by both the state and federal governments, and Palm Beach Gardens nursing homes that do not take them seriously can be fined by Medicare and Medicaid.

The safety of patients should always come first, but some nursing homes may attempt to avoid these measures in the hopes of reducing operational costs and increasing the salaries of administrators. Palm Beach Gardens safety measures for nursing home residents are not optional, and in fact, many are critical for homes that want to provide exceptional care to their patients. Individuals should consult a qualified nursing home abuse lawyer to learn more.

Maintaining a Safe and Secure Facility

A safe and secure facility is a necessary component of a quality nursing home. Nursing homes are charged with caring for a vulnerable patient population, so their environment should be sanitary and conducive to healing at all times. To that end, administrators should hire an adequate number of cleaning and maintenance staff members to ensure the nursing home remains suitable for habitation.

Federal safety standards implemented by Medicare and Medicaid also require administrators to perform periodic walkthroughs and inspections of their nursing home facility. If any potential problems are identified during these walkthroughs, they should be corrected in a timely and sufficient manner. High-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and common areas should receive special attention.

Providing the Care Patients Need

In addition to hygienic living conditions, residents at nursing homes should always have access to professional healthcare. Any incidents or issues involving the health of a patient should be clearly documented and made available to the patient and their family members.

Nursing homes should also make sure they provide patients with access to their prescription medications, and staff members should know how and when to distribute these medications in a timely manner.

Since some patients may have difficulty feeding and bathing themselves, and some may need extensive help performing basic tasks, caretakers should be comfortable helping them in these endeavors. They should also be aware of any potential dietary or feeding issues patients have.

Federal Staffing and Hiring Regulations

Some nursing homes attempt to cut costs by hiring an insufficient number of employees. This is extremely dangerous, and patients are the ones most likely to be negatively impacted.

When a facility does not hire enough staff members, there is often no way to provide the care each patient needs to live a happy and healthy life. Additional Palm Beach Gardens safety measures for nursing home residents include:

  • Performing criminal background checks on potential employees
  • Promptly disciplining, reporting, or terminating problematic workers
  • Ensuring each staff member has the necessary skills and educational background to fulfill their employment duties
  • Keeping records of employee disciplinary issues

Homes should also avoid overworking employees, especially since exhausted workers are far more likely to make serious mistakes than those who have received an adequate amount of rest.

Report Nursing Homes That Do Not Take Sufficient Measures to Protect Home Residents

The Nursing Home Reform Act outlines Palm Beach Gardens safety measures for nursing home residents. This act has been in place since 1987, and it continues to be the national standard for nursing homes everywhere. If you suspect your loved one is residing in a home that does not follow these standards, you should immediately contact either the federal or Florida State Department of Health and Human Services. After doing so, consult a knowledgeable nursing home abuse attorney that could advocate for you and your loved ones.