Palm Beach Gardens Boat Accident Lawyer

Boating is an exhilarating hobby that enjoys great popularity in the state of Florida. However, whether due to one party’s negligence or simply an unavoidable progression of circumstances, boating accidents do occur and can prove to be very costly in both financial and physical terms.

The effects caused by a boat accident can be extremely costly, so any party who is involved in one should seek the counsel and advice of a qualified Palm Beach Gardens boat accident lawyer. A skilled personal injury lawyer with experience in these types of cases could help you take stock of your compensable damages, construct a thorough settlement demand, and demand appropriate restitution in civil court.

Facts of Boating Accidents in Palm Beach Gardens

According to the United States Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety, there were 4,463 reported boat accidents in 2016 that resulted in 701 deaths, 2,903 injuries, and approximately $49 million dollars in damage. In Florida alone, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that 714 boat accidents occurred in the state’s waterways. With the nation’s largest number of registered boating vessels at 931,450, the likelihood of being involved in a boat accident in Florida, be it minor or major in nature, has increased.

Boat accidents can have resounding effects on an afflicted party’s financial, physical, and emotional well-being. Fortunately, for those who have been involved in a boat accident, an experienced Palm Beach Gardens boat accident attorney could help alleviate the costs and consequences that come from this potentially life-altering event.

Types of and Causes of Boat Accidents

An accomplished Palm Beach Gardens boat accident lawyer could use their resources and legal knowledge to help afflicted parties involved in any of the following types of boating incidents:

  • Flooding, or swamping of the boat
  • Grounding
  • Passenger falling overboard
  • Collision with non-mobile object
  • Collision with another boat
  • Collision with underwater object
  • Capsizing
  • Fuel and non-fuel related fires and explosions

The most common causes of boat accidents in Florida are the result of negligence, often taking the form of inattention or failure to observe, operator inexperience, excessive speeding, equipment failure or malfunction due to neglectful maintenance, or reckless or careless operation. After a boat accident stemming from any of the above causes, any injured victims of a boat operator’s negligence may be eligible to seek damages in civil court. A qualified attorney who specializes in Palm Beach Garden boat accidents could be a useful and essential ally for anyone seeking to file a claim after such an incident.

Contact a Palm Beach Gardens Boat Accident Attorney

An effective and seasoned Palm Beach Gardens boat accident lawyer could help determine what you may be entitled to in the aftermath of an incident on the water. Specifically, they could advise you on the best legal measures to pursue compensation, as well as the best strategies to address any counterclaims and assert your rights. To determine your options and discover how a knowledgeable attorney could help you explore those options, call today.