Palm Beach Gardens Ovarian Cancer Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If your gynecologist or oncologist failed to detect your cancer or failed to start treatment right away, you may be able to file a legal claim against them. A Palm Beach Gardens ovarian cancer medical malpractice lawyer may be able to help you seek compensation. Read on to learn more about how a skilled injury attorney could offer you their assistance today.

Recognizing the Symptoms

For a long time, doctors considered ovarian cancer a silent killer, as they did not believe it displayed any symptoms. However, recent studies have shown that ovarian cancer does exhibit symptoms in some patients, sometimes manifesting as acute pelvic pain and urinary problems. All physicians must comply with rigorous medical standards when screening a patient for ovarian cancer, regardless of whether they experience indicating symptoms.

For example, the doctor should carefully examine the patient’s medical history and conduct thorough diagnostic tests. If cancerous cells are present, the doctor then must determine the best course of treatment depending on their patient’s specific needs. Unfortunately, not all doctors comply with medical standards for detecting or treating ovarian cancer.

Detecting Ovarian Cancer

Those fighting ovarian cancer must rely on their doctors’ expertise during their treatment. When a doctor detects cancer in the initial stages (before it has spread beyond the ovaries), the patient’s chance for survival increases significantly. According to the American Cancer Society, patients whose doctor detects and treats cancer before it spreads have a 92% chance of surviving for at least five years after their diagnosis.

Unfortunately, the American Cancer Society also reports that doctors detect only 15% of ovarian cancers in the early stages. In some cases, a doctor’s negligence may be the cause of late cancer detection. A dedicated Palm Beach Gardens ovarian cancer medical malpractice lawyer can assist those whose cancer went undetected until the fatal stages through aggressive representation in court.

Why Should a Palm Beach Patient File a Cancer Malpractice Suit?

Early detection depends on radiologists, gynecologists, and other doctors properly screening their patients for ovarian cancer. They should consider any risk factors that could increase the patient’s chances of getting ovarian cancer. When a screening detects an ovarian cyst or other abnormality, it is the doctor’s responsibility to determine whether the patient has ovarian cancer.

When a doctor does not comply with professional standards of care, their patient may not receive the timely treatment they need. Patients who suffer harm due to a doctor’s negligence or failure to follow the standards of care may fall prey to medical malpractice. These patients often suffer financial losses, severe pain, and emotional trauma due to their doctor’s negligence.

A Palm Beach Gardens Ovarian Cancer Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help

Most doctors in Palm Beach Gardens must carry medical malpractice insurance. When a patient files a malpractice lawsuit, the physician’s insurance company may represent them in the claim. Insurance companies often try to settle malpractice claims quickly in the hopes that a patient will accept less money than they may deserve. Patients suffering from a misdiagnosis or delayed cancer diagnosis can call an experienced Palm Beach Gardens ovarian cancer medical malpractice lawyer for help.

determined medical malpractice attorney can deal with the insurance company and work towards the settlement you deserve so that you can focus on your health. If you believe your doctor failed to take necessary action when diagnosing or treating you, call a qualified Palm Beach Gardens ovarian cancer medical malpractice lawyer today. You may be able to seek compensation for the pain you suffered.