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As a general rule, it is safe to say that doctors have the best interests of their patients at heart. However, doctors are human, and they are not infallible. People make mistakes, they have off days, they may underperform because of, for example, fatigue or personal issues, and they may not have the right training or may make the wrong call when handling a complex medical emergency. When healthcare providers such as doctors and nurses make these kinds of errors, the results can be disastrous. According to the Journal of Patient Safety, there are as many as 440,000 wrongful deaths in the United States every year due to doctor and nurse mistakes, and the numbers for non-fatal injuries are even higher. If you or a loved one suffered because of doctor or medical caregiver negligence or errors, contact our Palm Beach Gardens doctor negligence lawyers today.

Common Causes of Doctor Mistakes that Our Physician Error Attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens, FL Will Investigate On Your Behalf

When doctors set out to do what’s right for their patients and deliver the best care and treatments possible, why do accidents and negligence occur? In most cases, doctor negligence is the result of inadvertent mistakes and not the willful or intentional mistreatment of a patient. Errors, mistakes, oversights, and other actions – both intentional and unintentional – that lead to harm are known as doctor negligence. In doctor malpractice lawsuits, the most common causes of physician errors are due to:

  • Fatigued, overworked, and understaffed healthcare professionals and hospitals
  • A failure to properly review patient records, tests, and health/medical history
  • Ordering the wrong test
  • Incorrectly performing tests
  • Incorrectly interpreting or reading tests
  • Communication mixups
  • A lack of access to the right information by the right person at the right time
  • Human error, such as mistakes during a routine surgery
  • Administrative issues, such as patient, medication, or testing mixups

These issues can affect any hospital, any doctor, and any patient at any time, which is why the healthcare space is so heavily regulated and standardized. A failure to satisfactorily meet all required criteria and safely and correctly perform important care actions can be detrimental to the patient. When this happens, our physician error attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens, FL will help you recover the damages you are entitled to for the pain, suffering, and other losses you had to suffer because of the mistakes or negligence of your caregiver.

Gathering Evidence, Identifying At-Fault Parties, and Following Through with a Claim with Our Palm Beach Gardens Doctor Negligence Lawyers

Doctors and hospitals tend to be heavily insured because of the high risks that healthcare service delivery entails. As such, even though you likely have recourse to some form of compensation for your losses that stem from doctor negligence, winning a claim and securing the settlement or compensation that you deserve can be difficult when you must fight and negotiate with your doctor or the hospital’s insurers and agree on what happened, why, who was at fault, and what your claim is worth.

This is why it is so important to work with an experienced attorney, such as our physician error attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We will gather the evidence needed to build a case and will fairly and accurately assess your damages. We will also identify the at-fault party and their insurer and will represent you in all insurance and claims negotiations so that you are given the compensation you deserve. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to take your case to trial.

About Palm Beach Gardens and Doctor Negligence Cases

Thousands of patients die every year because of medical negligence and errors, and thousands of malpractice claims are filed every year as a result. The National Practitioner Data Bank, part of the Health Resources and Services Administration, provides alarming figures for the incidence rate of doctor negligence cases, with the New England Journal of Medicine finding that between 75% and 99% of physicians face a lawsuit at some point in their careers. However, having a case, filing a claim, and winning the case are all different things, and our Palm Beach Gardens doctor negligence lawyers can be the difference between winning and losing a claim, so contact our physician error attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens, FL today for a free and thorough case evaluation.

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Doctor negligence can lead to lifelong injuries and pain. You should not have to bear this pain and the related medical treatment expenses alone. Florida law gives you the right to seek compensation for your losses, so contact our Palm Beach Gardens doctor negligence lawyers today. We will walk you through everything you need to know about your case, and we only collect when you win, so do not hesitate to reach out to us immediately for assistance with your medical malpractice and doctor negligence lawsuit.