Suing Over Prescribed Medication in Florida

Modern medications have become an essential part of the medical world, and prescription medications help millions of Americans and Florida residents every day. However, prescription medications can cause devastating injuries and even death if they are not properly prescribed, administered, and monitored.

If you have been prescribed the wrong medication, given the wrong dosage of a medication, or were injured because you were not provided with a prescription medication, suing over prescribed medication in West Palm Beach is possible, and you could potentially recover damages for your injuries. Contact a qualified Florida prescription error lawyer today to discuss your case.

Doctors Prescribing Medication

Doctors have an obligation to keep patients from suffering from injuries and illness from prescription medication. This requires a doctor to assess several factors before they prescribe a patient medication including:

  • Assessing a patient’s overall health and wellness
  • Assessing a medication’s side effects and how they may impact a patient
  • Assessing the relative benefits compared to the risks the medication may have
  • Reviewing any interactions a medication may have with other prescribed medications

Unfortunately, there are many ways a doctor can breach their duty and if a doctor prescribes the wrong medication, the wrong dosage fails to account for known interactions or fails to prescribe a medication, you may have a basis to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Pharmacists, Nurses, and Healthcare Facility Prescription Medication Lawsuits

Not only can a doctor make an error when they are prescribing a medication, but pharmacists, nurses, and healthcare facilities can also make a critical error with prescription medications resulting in severe and even life-threatening injuries.

Pharmacists – A pharmacist is responsible for reading a script written by a doctor and then filling the prescription. This includes using the proper medication, filling the proper dosage, and communicating how and when to take a medication.

A diligent pharmacist may also check to ensure that a prescription does not negatively interact with any other medication. However, if a pharmacist does not fill the proper script, or provides the wrong dosage, this may be a basis for suing over a prescription medication.

Nurses and healthcare facilities – If a person is in the hospital or in an extended care facility, medical staff will often provide them with their medication. Unfortunately, this presents another opportunity for a prescription error to occur.

If a nurse or other medical personnel fail to provide someone with the proper medication, the proper dosage or fails to give a prescription medication at the proper time, they may be justified in suing over prescribed medication in West Palm Beach.

Contact a Florida Prescription Error Lawyer Today

Your health is important, and when you rely on a prescription medication, you expect that your doctor, pharmacist, and other medical professionals to treat you with the best care possible.

Unfortunately, prescription errors happen all too often and can result in serious and life-threatening injuries. Suing over prescribed medication in West Palm Beach is difficult to do alone but is possible with a medical malpractice lawyer on your side. If you or someone you love has been injured because of a prescribed medication, contact a Florida prescription error lawyer today.