10 Most Common Medical Misdiagnoses in Florida

When you have an ailment, it only makes sense to go to a doctor and seek treatment. The expectation is that the doctor will be able to determine what is wrong and treat you for it. However, despite the rigorous training that doctors undergo, they sometimes misdiagnose someone. Although this misdiagnosis might not be malicious or intentional, it can still have serious, and potentially fatal consequences for you. The 10 most common medical misdiagnoses in West Palm Beach are all serious medical conditions that require very specific treatment, and treating them incorrectly can worsen your symptoms and your health. If you have been misdiagnosed by your doctor, get in touch with a determined misdiagnosis attorney who can work tirelessly to build your case.

Most Common Misdiagnoses

Medicine is an art and not an exact science. While doctors go through years of rigorous education and training, a simple slip in attention can mean that someone’s medical condition is misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.

In fact, according to some studies, it is likely that up to 10 percent of Americans will receive an improper diagnosis sometime in their lifetime. Below are the 10 most common medical misdiagnoses in West Palm Beach:

  • Cancer – There are countless different forms of cancer, all of which have different symptoms and stages. It is easy to see how a might someone miss a crucial cancer diagnosis if they are not focused on their patient.
  • Heart attack – Not every heart attack is the same, and different people can experience different symptoms of a heart attack.
  • Depression – Symptoms of depression may include anxiety, irritability, sadness, and fatigue. However, depression symptoms can vary from person to person making it hard for a doctor to reach a proper diagnosis.
  • Celiac disease – Many doctors can miss the symptoms of celiac disease and this digestive disorder is often confused and misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Stroke – Doctors often confuse the telltale symptoms of a stroke for less dangerous conditions such as migraines, vision problems, and alcohol intoxication.
  • Lyme Disease – Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria infection that can result in joint pain, fatigue, stiffness, and fever.
  • Fibromyalgia – This muscular condition is often confused for arthritis and lupus.
  • Thyroid Conditions – Thyroid conditions such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism are often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all, and are often blamed on poor diet and exercise.
  • Pulmonary embolism – This is a dangerous condition that occurs when the pulmonary artery is blocked, which can obstruct blood to the heart and lungs.
  • Chronic lower back pain – Chronic lower back pain is often misdiagnosed as muscular when in reality a majority of chronic lower back pain is because of a specific joint in the back.

Contacting a Lawyer

It is important that you are your own advocate and if you are experiencing symptoms, do not hesitate to contact another doctor or to ask your own doctor questions. Unfortunately, when a doctor misses a diagnosis, you are the one who suffers. If you have been misdiagnosed with one of the 10 most common medical misdiagnoses in West Palm Beach by a doctor, and have suffered injuries or incurred expensive medical bills, contact a medical misdiagnosis lawyer today to discuss your case.

A qualified medical misdiagnosis lawyer can examine the facts of your case, look at your previous medical records, retain, expert witnesses, and do whatever they can, to get justice for you.