West Palm Beach Maternal Death Due to Placenta Previa Lawyer

Physicians, including obstetricians, have many years of schooling and hours in training to help prepare them for their work as a trusted medical professional. However, sometimes their actions are not congruent with their education, training, or current medical standards. This is where a West Palm Beach maternal death due to placenta previa lawyer may be able to step in and help.

In some pregnancies, the placenta partially or fully covers the cervix. This is inherently problematic because the cervix will dilate during labor, causing premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall. When this happens, both fetal and maternal complications and death may follow, usually due to severe blood loss. If a doctor’s negligence causes this outcome, a maternal death attorney can help you file suit against that professional to compensate for resulting injuries and losses.

Physician Negligence in Placenta Previa Cases

With all the technology available to the doctors who treat pregnant women, placenta previa is almost always known about before a mother goes into labor. Physicians have a duty to closely monitor patients with placenta previa. Most mothers with this condition must have a scheduled cesarean section and not be allowed to labor.

If suspicious signs or symptoms are noted, the doctor must act accordingly. A doctor may be found negligent if they:

  • Do not perform or order the proper testing to determine the presence of a placenta previa
  • Fail to avoid letting the patient labor
  • Do not recognize the need for quick intervention, such as giving blood to a mother who is profusely bleeding

If a maternal death occurs as a direct result of a physician’s negligence, the decedent’s surviving family would likely have a valid claim for damages. With the assistance of a reputable West Palm Beach maternal death due to placenta previa attorney, the doctor may be required to compensate a mother’s family for their careless actions or for not acting when they should have.

As per Florida Statutes §766.106, plaintiffs—or their maternal death due to placenta previa lawyers in West Palm Beach—must inform the defendant of their intent to sue before they can file a civil court case. The plaintiff’s attorney may send a formal demand letter to the defendant explaining their damages, how the defendant allegedly caused those damages, and asking for compensation for expenses and injuries.

Following this, the defendant then has up to 90 days to decide if they want to try to settle the case out of court with the plaintiff. If the 90 days elapse and a decision has not been made, or if the defendant does not wish to settle and informs the plaintiff before the 90-day period is up, the plaintiff can proceed to file suit.

Work with a West Palm Beach Maternal Death Due to Placenta Previa Attorney

If your loved one had placenta previa during pregnancy and lost their life as a result, it may be important to your financial and emotional recovery that you determine whether the placenta previa caused the death and if it was preventable. A knowledgeable West Palm Beach maternal death due to placenta previa lawyer can help research your case and all its circumstances in order to make this determination.

Consulting with a lawyer is the first step in a long journey. However, this journey may potentially lead to justice for your lost loved one and for your entire family. Get in touch today to schedule an initial case evaluation.