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Every surgery comes with inherent risks. As such, surgeries are often the last course of treatment. However, whenever a medical team decides that a surgical procedure is needed, they must perform the surgery with the care, professionalism, and knowledge needed to guarantee a positive outcome for the patient. While some surgery-related injuries and accidents are unavoidable, many others are the result of surgeon mistakes or negligence. If you or a loved one was injured in any way during a surgical procedure, contact our Palm Beach Gardens surgical malpractice lawyers today to learn about how we can help you secure the compensation you deserve for surgery errors and the pain, suffering, and other losses they caused that you should have not had to endure.

Common Surgery Injury Cases Handled by Our Surgery Error Attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Our Palm Beach Gardens surgical malpractice lawyers represent clients who have suffered injuries or losses because of doctor mistakes or oversights. We handle a wide range of cases, including surgical malpractice stemming from:

  • Pre-surgery errors, such as a failure to take a proper patient history
  • Using the wrong equipment or devices during surgery
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Dosage errors
  • Leaving surgical equipment such as forceps, scalpels, gloves, or gauze inside the patient
  • Poor communication between different caregivers, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacy staff, and medical equipment specialists
  • Not properly sanitizing the operation site, leading to infection
  • Incorrectly reading test results
  • Performing the wrong surgery
  • Performing the right surgery but on the wrong site
  • Operating on the wrong patient
  • Performing an unnecessary surgery
  • Not properly performing a procedure
  • Basic neglect, errors, or a lack of care
  • Surgeon fatigue
  • Poor planning
  • Poor training or worker incompetence

All of these factors can lead to serious surgical errors. The CDC reports that accidents and unintentional injuries are a leading cause of death in the United States, and they are responsible for approximately 100 million emergency room visits every year. However, surgery malpractice injuries and deaths are sometimes underreported, according to a Johns Hopkins Medicine study. This study found that medical treatment errors cause approximately 250,000 deaths every year. Surgery errors and the injuries they can cause can last a lifetime. They can also be prohibitively expensive to treat. If you have reason to believe that you or a loved one was affected in any way by one or more of these factors, you may have grounds for a surgery malpractice claim. Contact our surgery error attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We will investigate your case and gather the evidence we need to file a compensation claim on your behalf.

About Palm Beach Gardens and Surgical Malpractice Cases

The National Institutes of Health reports that the American Medical Association has found that one in three clinicians will be sued at least once during their careers. Of the cases that go to court, about 80% are ruled in favor of the clinician, but they still pay a significant price preparing for trial. The AMA survey found that about 4,000 surgical errors occur in the US every year. Patients in Palm Beach Gardens also face these risks, so if you or a loved one suffered harm or injury during a medical procedure, contact our Palm Beach Gardens surgical malpractice lawyers today.

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Our Palm Beach Gardens surgical malpractice lawyers specialize in surgical and medical malpractice. There is no reason you should have to live with the pain, suffering, and costs that arise from surgery negligence or errors when an at-fault medical professional should have treated you with the care, compassion, and skills expected of someone in their position. When those to whom we entrust our well-being fail to appropriately care for us, they should be held accountable, and our surgery error attorneys in Palm Beach Gardens, FL stand by affected victims to ensure that their rights are protected and that they are fairly compensated for their losses.

Call us today to learn more. We will walk you through every step of your case so that you understand your rights and responsibilities and know what you need to do to secure the compensation or settlement you deserve for your surgical malpractice injuries. Contact us today for a free and confidential case evaluation.