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Palm Beach Gardens Nursing Home Hip Fracture Injury Lawyer

Palm Beach Gardens Nursing Home Hip Fracture Injury Lawyer

Many statistics and published articles examining the impact of hip fractures among older Americans and nursing home residents illustrate the severity of these injuries. In a study published in 2014, doctors found that a large percentage of individuals who suffered hip fractures experienced a marked and substantial decline in functionality and a noted decrease in life quality and expectancy. Because of the impact that Palm Beach Gardens nursing home hip fractures can have on someone and their family, it is often important to examine the causes and contributing factors of hip fractures occurring in Palm Beach County nursing homes.

Palm Beach County nursing homes are required to provide residents with appropriate care and supervision. This includes providing care and treatment for residents who have suffered a hip fracture and may mean taking proactive steps to prevent falls and others situations that cause them. Palm Beach Gardens nursing home hip fractures should be taken very seriously. If you or a loved one suffered a hip fracture while in a nursing home, you may want to consider calling a qualified abuse lawyer today to discuss your options.

Why Are Hip Fractures More Common in Nursing Homes?

Florida has one of the highest populations of nursing home residents of any state in America. In addition, a large percentage of all non-fatal hospitalizations amongst nursing home residents is due to hip fractures according to the Florida Department of Health. When a loved one has suffered a hip fracture while in the care of a nursing home, it may help to ask questions such as:

  • Did the resident trip or fall over any objects left out?
  • Was the resident identified as a fall risk?
  • Was the resident being properly supervised?
  • Did nursing staff properly assist a resident?

A compassionate injury attorney will commonly ask these types of questions to explore whether the nursing home bears any liability for the accident and injury.

A Nursing Home’s Liability in a Hip Fracture Accident

Understanding how Florida’s liability rules fit in with the facts and circumstances behind a hip fracture case may be critical to a successful claim. To begin, Palm Beach Gardens nursing homes have a duty to provide their residents with proper care and supervision. Specifically, the laws in Palm Beach Gardens are designed to provide for the development, establishment, and enforcement of basic standards for resident health, facility maintenance, and medical care. With this framework, nursing homes may be held liable for a hip fracture where the staff or the nursing home are collectively considered negligent. Generally, this is understood as a departure from the established standard of care for nursing homes.

Section 400.023 of the Florida Code specifically provides that a nursing home resident or their representative may successfully file a lawsuit for a fractured hip provided they can prove the elements of negligence. This requires proving that the nursing home owed the resident a duty of care, the home or staff breached that duty, and the resident suffered physical harm or injury as a result of this breach.

Benefits of a Professional Injury Lawyer

A hip fracture has the potential to alter the rest of someone’s life. In addition to the physical impact these injuries come with, they also cause a significant economic impact. A lawyer experienced in cases involving Palm Beach Gardens nursing home hip fractures could help individuals and their families recover some of the emotional and financial losses associated with a hip fracture. If you wish to learn more about recovering injury compensation for Palm Beach Gardens nursing home hip fractures, reach out to a professional attorney today to schedule your initial consultation.

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