Palm Beach County Pharmacy Negligence Lawyer

Pharmacies across the country are responsible for filling medications for patients, as well as ensuring that patients do not suffer serious health consequences from receiving the wrong medication, or because of a potentially dangerous drug interaction.

A Palm Beach County pharmacy negligence lawyer is prepared to work closely with you to help determine the cause of your injuries. A skilled personal injury attorney can help you hold pharmacies and pharmacists liable for their actions, and will aggressively pursue compensation for you.

Common Pharmacy Negligence Claims

Pharmacies and pharmacists are required to follow strict state and federal guidelines, laws, and regulations when filling medications for patients. However, despite exhaustive guidance and safety procedures, pharmacies across the country commit negligence on a daily basis.

A large percentage of all pharmacy errors and negligence claims are preventable, however, with the number of medication errors on the rise, it is important to understand that pharmacies can be held liable for their negligent actions.

A pharmacy negligence attorney is prepared to help patients with the most common pharmacy negligence claims including the dispensing of wrong medication or dosage, and miscommunication between doctors and pharmacists. Claim cases are also applicable to failure to identify potentially harmful drug interactions, failure to provide adequate patient counseling and failure to identify and prevent drug allergies.

A Palm Beach County pharmacy negligence lawyer can help those who have been injured by pharmacy negligence investigate the cause of a pharmacy error, and will work closely with a patient to hold negligent pharmacies and pharmacists accountable for their actions.

Pharmacy Errors Leading to Injuries

It is estimated that preventable medication errors harm nearly seven million patients across the country every year, which cost patients to incur nearly 21 billion dollars of expenses annually. A pharmaceutical error made by a pharmacy can cause permanent and even life-threating injuries including neurological impairments, stroke, heart attack, organ failure, and even wrongful death.

While lawsuits filed against pharmacies and pharmacists share many of the same characteristics, there is an important distinction between medical malpractice governed under Florida’s Medical Malpractice Act, and those covered under the Florida Pharmacy Act.

Defining a Medical Professional’s Responsibilities

While a doctor is responsible for prescribing medications, a pharmacy may not be liable for negligence unless they dispense a medicine in a harmful manner. Properly dispensing medication requires a pharmacist to:

  • Interpret and assess the prescription order for potential adverse reactions, interactions, and dosage regimen she or he deems appropriate in the exercise of her or his professional judgment, and the pharmacist shall certify that the medicinal drug called for by the prescription is ready for transfer.
  • When a pharmacist fails to properly dispense a medication they may be liable for a patient’s injuries including their medical bills, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.
  • A pharmacy negligence lawyer can help injured patients and their families pursue compensation and help hold large pharmacies accountable for their actions and negligence.

Contact a Palm Beach County Pharmacy Negligence Attorney

If you believe you have been the victim of pharmacy negligence, contact a Palm Beach County pharmacy negligence lawyer to discuss your rights. With decades of experience, an attorney can help identify the cause of the pharmacy’s negligence and can help injured individuals and their families pursue the compensation they are entitled to.