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A mass tort lawsuit is a lawsuit filed by a group of individuals who all have been injured by the same defective product, medication, or because of a hazardous environmental condition. A mass tort lawsuit combines individual’s legal complaints and seeks to adjudicate all of the individual claims in a single trial.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a product or incident as part of a mass tort lawsuit, contact a Palm Beach County mass torts lawyer. A distinguished personal injury attorney who has the experience, knowledge, and resources can help you seek justice on your behalf.

Mass Tort vs. Class Action

Mass tort lawsuits are distinct from the more commonly known Class Action lawsuits. In a class action lawsuit, a large group of plaintiffs who are referred to as a class, will file a lawsuit alleging they have all sustained some similar injury whether it be from consumer fraud or because of a dangerous product. There may be hundreds or thousands of individuals in a class action lawsuit, who will be treated as if they were a single person.

A mass tort lawsuit is similar to a class action lawsuit in that these lawsuits typically involve a large group of people who all have suffered an injury because of a person’s or companies’ negligence or defective product. However, a mass tort lawsuit is different from a class action lawsuit in that each injured person will be treated as an individual.

Therefore in these cases, each injured person will need to prove certain facts, establish liability, and sufficiently demonstrate and prove their injuries. These cases are often consolidated so that a single court, and perhaps a single judge will hear each of the cases. A Palm Beach County mass tort attorney can ensure that those involved because of a defective product, dangerous drug, or toxic condition receive the attention and ultimately the compensation they deserve.

Claims and Litigation Support

Mass tort litigation often involves large companies and are often legally and factually complex cases. These lawsuits present unique challenges that are not present in other civil cases and often involve multi-district litigation. Some of the most common mass tort claims involve:

  • Defective medical devices
  • Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs
  • Mass disaster
  • Toxic torts such as asbestos exposure and mesothelioma
  • Contaminated food or drink products

In any mass tort lawsuit, collecting evidence is critical to success. In a mass tort lawsuit, each person must file their own individual lawsuit, however, the court system will often consolidate each individual case for the collection, organization, and distribution of evidence, and will often consider the issue of liability for all of the cases at the same time before separating the claims to determine individual damages and compensation awards.

Because of the complexity and confusion that can surround mass tort lawsuits, anyone who is considering filing a mass tort claim in Palm Beach County or throughout Florida should contact an experienced Palm Beach County mass tort attorney to ensure their case is properly filed and considered part of the litigation.

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If you, someone you love, or someone you know has suffered an injury as part of a mass tort, it is crucial to contact an experienced and knowledgeable Palm Beach County mass torts lawyer who can ensure that your injuries and your case is given the individualized attention you deserve.