Palm Beach County Nursing Home Bedsore Lawyer

A bedsore is a medical condition also known as a pressure sore or as a decubitus ulcer, where the skin becomes thin or breaks as a result of extended periods of pressure. Sadly, developing a bedsore often is an indication that a nursing home resident has not been receiving the proper care and treatment.

If you or someone you love has developed Palm Beach County bedsores while under the care of a nursing home, contact a lawyer today to discuss your case.

compassionate nursing home abuse attorney can help explain the complicated negligence laws governing nursing homes in Florida, as well as investigate the cause of bedsore, and whether a bedsore was preventable or a case of nursing home abuse and neglect.

How Bedsores Develop

Palm Beach County bedsores commonly develop in bony areas of the body such as the tailbone or buttocks, the back along the spine and shoulder blades, and on the back of the legs and arms. A bedsore can develop rather quickly, however, if a person is able to move on their own bedsores are not common.

However, according to the Centers for Disease Control as many as one in 10 nursing home residents suffer from bedsores, or will develop a bedsore while in the care of a nursing home. Florida, as well as the federal government, have established that nursing homes have a duty to provide a certain level of care for nursing home residents.

Specifically, Florida Statute Section 400.022 provides that nursing home residents have a right to receive adequate medical care and treatment while under the care of a nursing home.

Preventing Bedsores In Nursing Home Facilities

Palm Beach County bedsores are more than just uncomfortable, bedsores can potentially cause serious harm to vulnerable parts of the body as well as cause infections. According to John Hopkins Medicine, a person can develop a bedsore in as little as two to three hours if blood supply is cut-off in an area of the body. Bedsores can be caused by several factors including continuous pressure or friction, however, bedsores are more commonly seen in people who are unable to move on their own.

A number of nursing home residents in Palm Beach County are at risk for developing bedsores because they are unable to move on their own and are often required to be in bed for extended periods of time. However, bedsores are largely preventable if a person is moved every few hours, or their weight is shifted so no single area on their body is constantly exposed to pressure. Nursing home staff, therefore, should diligently monitor and move residents who are bedbound to prevent bedsores from developing.

While many nursing homes and their staff are dedicated to ensuring that nursing home residents receive the best care possible, any time a nursing home resident develops a bedsore it is important to examine the reason and to determine whether a bedsore is an instance of nursing home abuse and neglect.

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If you or a loved one have developed Palm Beach County bedsores while at a nursing home, contact an experienced nursing home bedsore lawyer today to discuss your case.

You may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, and other expenses associated with your bedsore.