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Florida Stroke Misdiagnosis Claim Process

Florida Stroke Misdiagnosis Claim Process

The process for filing a claim in a medical malpractice suit could be a stressful experience for you or a loved one. The Palm Beach Gardens stroke misdiagnosis claim process could also be confusing for you if you do not have the proper counsel by your side. Seek the help of an experienced attorney who could fight tirelessly for your case. A determined attorney could pursue a positive outcome for you.

Claim Process for Palm Beach Gardens Stroke Misdiagnosis

The first steps a stroke misdiagnosis lawyer may take to guide someone through the Palm Beach Gardens stroke misdiagnosis claim process would be to get the medical records and review them. If the plaintiff thinks that there was malpractice, then a medical expert, such as a doctor, could also be helpful to prove that. If they feel there was malpractice, they could sign an affidavit explaining what was done incorrectly.

The timeframe for filing a medical malpractice claim in Palm Beach Gardens is two years from when they knew or could have known that malpractice occurred. It may not exceed four years from the initial malpractice event. The medical professional or laboratory facility involved in the claim may be notified or contacted when a lawyer sends them the notice of intent letter, which may start the pre-suit process.

A skilled attorney could attach the affidavit to a letter called a notice of intent to initiate litigation and notify any prospective defendants. This may begin the pre-suit period, which is required by Florida law to file the lawsuit.

Impact Medical Assessments Have on a Case

A medical assessment might influence a patient’s case for medical malpractice in Palm Beach Gardens. For stroke patients, after the stroke, they may be evaluated by a neurologist or a life care planner to figure out exactly how their life may change following the stroke and what type of care they need in the future as a result of the negligence. The medical licensing board may be notified of the malpractice claim in Palm Beach Gardens at the beginning of a lawsuit, an also when a verdict is given.

Information to Bring to a Stroke Misdiagnosis Case Consultation

The specific information a person could take with them when going to an initial consultation to discuss Palm Beach Gardens stroke misdiagnosis claim process includes:

  • Medical records
  • Information about any conversations that occurred with a medical professional or laboratory
  • Any recollection of testing
  • Conversations that occurred prior to the stroke

One of the important components in a stroke case may be to recreate an exact timeline of the events leading up to the stroke and the treatment that occurred once the patient was brought to the hospital or saw a medical professional.

Seeking the Counsel of a Palm Beach Gardens Medical Malpractice Attorney

Having a loved one who experienced a stroke could be a terrifying experience, especially if they did not receive the proper care. By speaking with a seasoned stroke misdiagnosis lawyer, you could begin to build a strong case, and learn more about the Palm Beach Gardens stroke misdiagnosis claim process.

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