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Florida Stroke Misdiagnosis Doctor Liability

Florida Stroke Misdiagnosis Doctor Liability

The duty a stroke doctor has to a patient is to keep up to date on medicine and know what the standard of care is for a stroke patient. If for any circumstance a physician does not meet this standard of care, they could be held liable for medical malpractice. To learn more about Palm Beach Gardens stroke misdiagnosis doctor liability, contact a caring stroke misdiagnosis attorney who could help determine whether a physician was completing tasks and care properly.

Doctor Versus Hospital Liability

Depending on the hospital in Palm Beach Gardens, many do not directly employ the doctors, but the relationship is such that the doctors have privileges to provide care at the hospital. The hospital may also dictate the way that the doctors practice medicine at the hospital.

While they do not call them employees, Doctors may be required to do what the hospital tells them to do. The hospital could have control over the way a doctor provides medical care to a patient. In the event a doctor is accused of medical malpractice, the hospital could be found liable. Hospitals may be found to be responsible for the act of its agents, which includes the doctors and nurses working at its facility and providing care to the patients. They could be found liable for any malpractice that the doctors or the nurses commit while providing care at the hospital.

Assuming Doctor Liability in a Palm Beach Gardens Stroke Misdiagnosis Case

A doctor might assume liability in the event that a stroke occurs when medically preventable, and it is shown that the doctor was responsible for identifying the stroke and potentially failed to identify it. That doctor could be liable for the damages that happened as a result of that failure.

Who Could be Found Liable for Damages?

In Palm Beach Gardens, the damage incurred from a stroke misdiagnosis may need to be a direct result of an action taken by the doctor. With every medical malpractice case, one has to be able to link what the doctor did wrong to the harm that was caused. The plaintiff may have to prove to be caused by the negligent act of the doctor. Failing to act on a stroke could also be used to prove Palm Beach Gardens stroke misdiagnosis doctor liability in a case.

Testing Refusal

In the event that a doctor may refuse a patient’s request to order tests or procedures that may reveal a stroke, and the physical presentation and clinical presentation of the patient warrants that test going forward, the doctor may be responsible for failing to do that test if that failure caused a misdiagnosis.

Lack of Coherent Instructions

Poorly articulated instructions could contribute to liability in Palm Beach Gardens. If the doctor is not clear in what the plan forward is to other doctors, nurses or physician’s assistants, or to a patient in terms of the following they could be found liable:

  • Immediate actions
  • Tests
  • Treatments

If instructions were given for any of those components but were unclear, a medical physician or laboratory could be found liable.

Mitigating Factors

Palm Beach Gardens stroke misdiagnosis doctor liability might be mitigated by independent actions of a patient. For example, if a patient refuses to follow the clear instructions of the doctor after the consequences were explained by a medical professional, then the defendant may use that knowledge to their advantage. In that instance, the doctor may have followed the correct procedure and could make it more difficult to prove liability.

Speaking to a Palm Beach Gardens Stroke Misdiagnosis Attorney

Trying to retrieve damages from a hospital, laboratory, or medical physician could be a difficult experience. An understanding stroke misdiagnosis lawyer could work diligently to collect evidence for your case. The attorney could then use that evidence to pursue a positive outcome for you. Work with an attorney that could work to establish Palm Beach Gardens stroke misdiagnosis doctor liability in your case.

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