Failure to Recognize the Symptoms of a Stroke in Florida

The symptoms of a stroke may present themselves right away if it is occurring. The stroke may start out small and get bigger, and that could make the symptoms get worse over time. An important part of quick stroke recovery may be to notice these signs immediately and seek medical attention. In the event that there is a failure to recognize the symptoms of a stroke in Palm Beach Gardens by a medical professional, getting in touch with a caring stroke misdiagnosis attorney that could help you fight medical malpractice may be a suitable next step.

Implications of a Failure to Recognize a Stroke

A competent doctor performing a thorough exam on a patient may not ignore or fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke in Palm Beach Gardens. Some possible implications of a doctor that failed to recognize the symptoms of a stroke include being referred to the Board of Medicine and discipline by the hospital.

medical malpractice claim could be made against a hospital if they have been proved of negligent retention or hiring. When a doctor has shown that they may not be competent enough to perform duties, the hospital could take immediate action to avoid any potential claims. Once a doctor has three verdicts against them for medical malpractice, they could lose their license to practice medicine.

Transient Ischemic Attacks

A transient ischemic attack, also known as TIA, is a mini-stroke. It could be a small clot that temporarily gets lodged somewhere in a vein and may cause mini-stroke symptoms, but the clot may move on and the brain could get back to normal. TIAs may precede strokes, making it important for a medical physician to recognize the signs.

After diagnosing a patient with TIA, the steps a doctor could take to prevent a stroke occurring in Palm Beach Gardens may be to have the person closely followed by a neurologist and take blood thinners. If TIA is managed properly, it could lessen the chances of patient’s issues developing into a stroke. Failure to recognize the symptoms of a stroke in Palm Beach Gardens could be a factor in TIA developing into a larger stroke and could be used to build a case.

Immediate Actions That Could be Taken Following a Stroke Diagnosis

When a doctor identifies stroke symptoms, the course of action that could be taken on the patient’s behalf is involving a neurologist right away. If it is a hemorrhagic stroke, a neurosurgeon may need to be called to see if the person needs surgery to relieve pressure.

If it is an ischemic stroke, the neurologist may need to decide if this person could be a good candidate for the medication TPA to be administered. An interventional neuro-radiologist also may need to be consulted to see if that person could undergo a thrombectomy to remove the clot.

Determining Liability in a Palm Beach Gardens Stroke Misdiagnosis Case

Liability could be determined in a stroke misdiagnosis medical malpractice case by whether or not the patient came to the hospital or the doctor within the window of treatment for the stroke. Since the timing of stroke treatment is so delicate, failure to recognize the symptoms of a stroke could determine your future.

When failure to recognize the symptoms of a stroke in Palm Beach Gardens occurs, liability could extend beyond the doctor in Palm Beach Gardens to any consulting doctors, the nurses, or the hospital or facility where the patient was. Contact a compassionate and responsible stroke misdiagnosis attorney today to help strengthen your case and get what you deserve.