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West Palm Beach Emergency Room Error Lawyer

West Palm Beach Emergency Room Error Lawyer

A person can file an emergency room medical malpractice claim in West Palm Beach against a nurse, doctor, or healthcare professional. In order to file this type of claim, a lawyer will view the medical records, talk to the people who are involved, hire experts to support the claim, and then file the lawsuit. While there are special protections for emergency room doctors, those special protections do not mean an emergency room doctor cannot be held accountable when they commit malpractice.

The biggest difference in an emergency room case is that emergency rooms are often crowded and busy meaning the doctors and healthcare professionals sometimes do not have time to think about things in the same way a doctor does when a patient is visiting them in their office. Therefore, contacting a medical malpractice attorney for any harm caused by emergency room negligence may be vital to the future outcome of your case.

Possible Malpractice Cases

Emergency room medical malpractice cases in West Palm Beach occur when the medical staff in the emergency room does not recognize the severity of the problem a patient is presenting. They may let the patient sit there before getting them the care they need so the condition progresses from something that is treatable to something that causes great harm. The other issue occurs with medical staff assuming that every patient that comes in is like every other patient they treat instead of treating each patient as an individual. They end up discharging individuals based on assumptions without going through the appropriate process to make sure they rule out a significant disease.

ER Standard of Care Act

The biggest difference in the rules of liability for emergency room medical malpractice cases in West Palm Beach is that health care professionals have a heightened sense or a greater burden of proof to establish to hold them accountable when the patient is unstable. All doctors are required to act reasonably whether a person is in the emergency room or not in the emergency room. The level of negligence to hold them accountable has to be greater in the emergency room for an unstable patient than in other areas of the hospital.

First Steps of a Medical Malpractice Case

Victims of emergency room medical malpractice cases in West Palm Beach should get to a healthcare professional they trust to make sure they are getting the best care possible because health and well-being are the most important things. Once a person is comfortable with that, the next step is to contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to explore their rights. The lawyer’s goal is always what is best for the victim.

The first thing the lawyer does is interview the individual, find out their story, gather the pertinent medical records, and have the records evaluated by an expert. Once that is done, the lawyer has a conversation with them about what they found and the chances of success with regard to the case. Together as a team, the lawyer and the injured person make decisions at each step about what is the best for them and what ought to be done next.

Role of a Lawyer

Once the lawyer decides to pursue emergency room medical malpractice cases in West Palm Beach, their goal for the potential client is to get them the highest compensation possible for their injury. The best way to accomplish that goal is to get them the deserved amount of money to balance the harm done to them. The person needs an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who works tirelessly on their case. As the lawyer works on the case, there are opportunities to talk to the other side about the resolution of the claim through mediation where the two sides sit down together with an experienced third party to see if they can facilitate an agreement. Sometimes the claim must go to trial to get justice.

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